All about Ancient Greece

Historical figures (no gods)

Historical figures include Alexander the great,homer the poet,socrates the philosopher,plato the phlosopher,pericles the statesman,leonidas the king of sparta,solon the lawmaker,hippocrates the physician,archimedes the mathmatecian.

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The ancient Greeks where polytheistic because the build bronze sculptures of the gods and they build those sculputers on the gods and goddeses that they believe in and they have a sculpture of pretty much every god

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Social classes

Gods >Kings >soldiers > Ladies >slaves/workers >foreigners


Historical Events

Some historical events are when they made the olympics. when they had the trojan war. Or when the empire crumbled.

Major components of a economy

Evey city had some form of government and it has its own army and sometimes its own navy an all cities all believed in the same gods and goddeses.

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Art and Architecture

in ancient greece art and architecture played important roles. if you make a bad painting or scuplture of a god it will anger them. also if you make a horrible temple it angers them. So it would help them flatter the gods.

When The Economey Flourished

  • The ancient greek world came in peace after the war against the greek gods and the spartans this caused the economy to flourish.


The greeks had many things back in the day. Their economey flourished until about 50 years until the empire crumbled. They had a great religion going. Then the romans took over their empire. Then they joined the ottoman empire.