Week of April 11th

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Week of April 11th

Monday, April 11th

-Elementary Library Books Due

-PTA Board Meeting (3-3:30pm)

-5th Grade Band Playing Test (6-7:30pm)

Tuesday, April 12th

-Mrs. Woodson at Elementary from 7:30-11am

-Mandatory Parent Cheerleading Meeting (6-7pm in Cafeteria)

Wednesday, April 13th

-Wear Explore T-Shirt

-Carson Browne Recognized at Twin Oaks Country Club as Pershing Rotary Student (7am)

-Principal Meetings (Holmes and Groves)

-RIF Distribution?

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, April 14th

-Mid Quarter

-Kindergarten Treasure Hunt

-SPED Staffing (2:50-3:50pm)

-Good News (2:45-4:15pm)

-Track at GHS (Groves Supervising)

-Elementary Carnival (5-7pm)

Friday, April 15th

-PL/PW Day (No Students)

-Professional Learning in Library 8-10am

Saturday, April 16th

-Solo and Ensemble Contest


Week of April 18th

7th and 8th Grade MAP/EOC Testing

Monday, April 18th

-MAP (8th Science)

-Track at HHS (Holmes Supervising)

Tuesday, April 19th

-Mrs. Woodson at Elementary from 7:30-11am

-MAP (8th ELA and 7th Math)

-5th Grade Cardinals Game (9:30am to 1pm)

-Tech Level 2

-Leadership (3-4pm)

-Teacher Appreciation Banquet (5:30pm Auction; 6pm Banquet) (Holmes, Bullard, Dorris, Randall)

Wednesday, April 20th

-Mr. Groves at PV

-Wear Explore T-Shirt

-MAP (8th Math/EOC and 7th ELA)

-Career Center Leave at 1:30pm (Dorris and Baker)

-Debate (3-4:30pm)

Thursday, April 21st

-6th Grade Band Contest at Strafford

-Good News (2:45-4:15pm)

-Path to Pershing at Sequiota at 6pm (Holmes)

Friday, April 22nd

-Earth Day

-Opera in the Schools for K-1st (9:15-10:15am) in Cafeteria

-Spring Pep Assembly

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Next Faculty Meeting/Learning Session on Friday, April 15th from 8-10am

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