Ms. Hestmark's Weekly Newsleter

Fourth Grade

Shea Hestmark

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Classroom Enviroment

My students will learn how and why it is important to respect one another. One of the ways students and teachers can respect one another is to create a flexible and adaptable community of learners. Good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior is dealt with directly and through dialoged. I believe for students to succeed in a classroom, they need structure and clear expectations set by the teacher. If both the teacher and students follow the set expectations of the classroom, the learning environment will be cohesive and respectful. Additionally I believe it is the role of the teacher to excite her students and created an eagerness to learn. This is important because students who are passionate about their work will be motivated. Passion will allow them to achieve goals that are meaningful to them.


Welcome to the exciting world of fourth grade! Our newsletter will feature weekly projects and student work, classroom and school wide news, important dates, and parent reminders.

What We Are Learning!

  • Science
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Virginia Studies

Student Work

Parent Reminders

Important Dates

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