Greta Hick

and the curse of the Lottery Ticket


ED Lala
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I chose this book because as a senior and a young adult we all know that senior year of high school is the most expensive year of all and some of us can not quite afford it or wish that they had the money or more money. So they choose to go play the lottery to just try there luck. But this book is basically about how winning the lottery is not all it is set out to be as in this person wins the lottery but certain things happens along the way so I think that seniors could relate to this as in just because times are getting hard you shouldn't try to look for an easy way out because that's not always a good thing to do and that it wont always help. so I think this is a good book to be taught to senior students because it teaches you about the world and certain things are not always set out as they are and that things don't always happen as you plan.
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By Louis Hunt