By Caden,Aaron,Nick,and Noah


We named it C.A.N.N. because that's the first letter of all of the explorers names combined into one single name since all of the explorers names are Caden,Aaron,Nick,and Noah and C.A.N.N. was the only thing that made sense when we combined our names into one.

Bermuda Triangle

Our island is located in the Bermuda Triangle because we didn't want anyone to find it, and the only people that live here are natives and us because nobody knows about the island other than us.


The name of the largest city is Yoohoo.This is because of all the cocoa trees and cows around the area so we can mass produce chocolate milk, our main produce with chocolate candy,peanuts,and pineapple.


Our main langauge is english because we are right next to America it seems like. Plus they're the country that explored it so it's our only known language other than the language made by the natives,but they changed to our language so they can communicate with us.

Our history

The natives and us only know about the island's location.We came because we were trying to crack the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle when we stepped upon the island by accident.The only war there has ever been was between the native tribes and one got completly wiped out.
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We choose an oligarchy because we want all the power and money, but we help the natives just so they don't try to kill us, but instead try to get them to help us with what we do because the more we have,the faster it gets done so that we earn more $.


There's a mountain range on the left side of the island and just to the right of that there's the plains.Right in the middle there's a volcanoe.Under that is our cocoa tree forest.To the right of the volcanoe is Chocolate Lake and at the bottom of the island is the beach called Hogeth Beach because thats what the native tribe leader's nickname is so we're naming it after him since he helps us to survive.


Our important crops are cocoa beans,peanuts,and pineapple.This is how we make our $ on the island.Our main buisness is Yoohoo which is where we incorperate cocoa beans,peanuts,and pineapple.The volcanoe in the center of the island is a big impact.If it wasn't there,then Yoohoo would be located there because that spot is closer to the cocoa bean forest than where Yoohoo is located right now.