Marine Biologist

Marine biology must haves?

It will take time to become a marine biologist. You will need to earn a bachelor's degree(4 years to complete) in marine biology or biology. You will then need to complete a masters degree(2-3 years to complete) in marine biology. Next you will need to get a P.H.D.( 6 years or more to complete) in marine biology. Overall, this process could take about 10 years or more.
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The picture above is of the Marine Science Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. The University of Texas Marine Science Institute is the oldest and most significant marine research facility on the Texas coast.
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Marine Biology Salaries?

Marine biologists salaries are different just like any other job, they just depend on the experience level. A beginner can get up to $36,000 a year. A veteran can get up $94,000 a year. The average amount a marine biologists gets a year is around $60,000.

Responsibilities of a Marine Biologists?

There are a lot of responsibilities and tasks a marine biologists have. They must analyze characteristics to identify and classify animals. They study animals in their natural habitats to see the effects an environment has on them. To view and study their habits, relationships, diseases and history to be able to care and treat them when in need. Also be able to train and be around the animals so that they can be put in zoos or aquariums.

Where do you need to live?

It would just depend on the type of place you'd want to work at. Marine biologists can work at zoos, aquariums, on shore, and out in the open sea. You would most likely need to live near a zoo, aquarium, or somewhere along the coast to be able to work successfully as a Marine biologists.