Staying Pure

Stephanie Perry Moore


The main character Payton Skky has an important decision to make. Her boyfriend of three years is pressuring her to give it up, but with her religious beliefs being so strong she doesn't believe in premarital sex. She's an honor student, cheerleader, and her family is wealthy. Dakari , Payton's boyfriend is what she says every girls eye catcher. He's over six feet tall, good looking and he's a star athlete. He basically could have any and every girl in the school, but he chose her because he say something special in her. Payton is in love with him,she has had a crush on him since middle school. They both vowed to stay together, but that changed when the new girl comes into the picture. Ms hot stuff: Star Love. Dakari and Star starts to get closer and it effects, His and Payton relationship. Sooner or later they both move on to other people, but when things start to go wrong with Dakari and Star, he make's his move back to Payton, will her love allow her to go back with him, or will her religious beliefs turn her back a way ?

I would recommend you to read this book if you like a good christian drama fiction book. I honestly enjoyed the book, If I could change one part of the book it would be the way Dakari treated Payton, I would say he's a no good, lying, cheating jerk.

I enjoyed the book, It had me wanting to know what was happening next after every section I read. You may think you know whats happening next, but its the complete opposite. After reading this book, I think im going to start reading the whole Payton Skky book series.