Digital Citizenship Project

Bryce E, period 2

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Top 7 Rules for Digital Citizenship

  1. Treat people the way you want to be treated: Don't post bad comments(Digital etiquette)
  2. Make sure you ask the creator of the music, photos, or books before using the copy righted item: So you can not be sued for copy right(copy right)
  3. don't talk to any people you don't know: Do not talk to any stranger on the web(social networking)
  4. Never give out personal information to a web site: they can sell the information to spamers.(Information privacy)
  5. Don't be a bullie over the web or through person: you can get in trouble.(cybor bulling)
  6. Plagiarism is not right: you will be kicked out of high school or college for this act(Plagiarism)
  7. be careful with strangers you met on the web: don't tell anyone how you are or any information about yourself(online safety)

Why do we need Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is something you will always need to know while on the web. What you always need to know about is Digital Etiquette, Information Privacy, Social Networking, Online Safety, Cyber bullying, Plagiarism, and Copyright. These things are very important. If you see this you should report it to a parent or guardian emmediately. Some people will ask you for information about you make sure you don't tell them anything they ask.

Videos That I learned From