Natural hair wigs

How to Choose Natural Hair Wigs?

Some wigs are very good roughness seen from the surface, and the feel, color are satisfactory, but they will deform, discolor after being washed or mistakenly collected, which is the problem ordinary consumers most likely to encounter. To choose an excellent quality wig, you should recognize the brand or purchase from the counter in the big mall, watch if the natural hair wigs you want to buy have telephone or distributor, manufacturer address, eligibility criteria, and washing mark, the product with unclear logo must be low grade or counterfeit products, there is no quality assurance.

Common sense for selecting wigs: in fact, ordinary consumers are difficult to judge the raw materials of bad wigs. The fiber materials used by high quality wigs take into account the surface section, strength gloss, thickness, toughness and flexibility of human hair, but also to prevent static electricity. It will be realistic and stylish only by choosing this wig to wear.

Every day you want to put on delicate makeup before go out, but it is not necessarily to transform hair daily. Sometimes you suddenly want to have a refreshing short hair, but dismay cut the beautiful shoulder-length hair. Short hair girls will want to try very long hair fluttering feeling in the moment, but it is pity that their hairs don't grow long year after year. Wigs came into being, so that you can fully enjoy the "head changing" fun. Then, what should be noted in the selection and use of wigs?

1. When you buy wigs, you should choose a similar color with your hair, so even if the original hair is accidentally exposed, it will not catch the attention due to color difference.

2. To choose the right elastic wig to wear, otherwise it will cause the scalp discomfort.

3. In addition to selecting a favorite color and style, you should also carefully check the size of wigs and quality, buy after all respects are satisfied. Need to pay attention to the temples and forehead areas, wigs should be relatively little thin, so they will apt with the skin.

4. Be sure to keep the wig clean, airborne dust and other contaminants are easy to make wig color degrees and suppleness affected, so they should be cleaned regularly, especially in dusty sweaty summer.

5. Before wearing a wig of human hair, comb you hair smoothly, and then firmly fix your hair, and finally clamp with a hairpin.

6. Do not rub and tighten by hands when washing
The frequently-worn wigs are appropriate to wash every two weeks. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb, and then wash with diluted conditioner solution and comb. Don't wring with your hands or even leave the wig in the washing liquid to wash. Bleach the the foam above by both hands gently along the direction of the hair, then dry and avoid exposure in the sun.