How well do you know the green life spice?

Reality and Imagination

We've all come into contact with it in one form or another. And whether it be from Television to face to face, Cannabis is a GREATLY urbanized concept.Holding greater Dangers for some than others, Cannabis is the modern version of alcohol of the U.S.A's past.And just like the alcohol the cannabis will be mocked for being banned.however cannabis has seen some newer more dangerous effects. And whether you call it Hemp,Dagga,or Refer with your dealer or Tetrahydrocannabinol with your researching colleges, In 1994 28% of Canadians reported using it within the last 12 months.all subject-able to the effects of Bronchitis anxiety and depression.

IS it natures natural reward? Or deaths greatest invention?

SmokeDout90's Story

The fallowing is a post by smokedout90 in the uncommon forum.This is the UNEDITED EXACT WORDING of smoke. i first started smoking when i was about 13 im 20 now, everyone around me smoked it at school / in my neighborhood. they all smoked it daily so i started smoking pretty much everyday instantly. when i was young life was great, i had a realy nice girlfreind and loads of friends, i was confident and loved life.

so here i am 7 nearly 8 years later, i smoke all day everyday, i dont have a girlfreind and havent since i was 16. i had a girlfriend from 12 to 16 she left me beause i changed into a total dick obsessed with getting f***ed on drugs. i got kicked out of school a year early with no qualifications and didnt care just got f***ed all he time on weed/ ketamine/ e's and coke, i even tryed crack a few times and herion.

weed definetly was a gateway drug for me, it was how i met people who where into other drugs, my whole network of friends where on drugs of some sort.

i got caught by the police with 65 e's whn i was 16 and got charged with posession with intent to supply class a, luckily i escaped jail because of my age. prior to this indecent i was getting arrested often because of fighting and robbing people. i had pushed my loving family away from me, i didnt care about any1s feelings as long as i was having fun, my mum couldn't ground me i would come and go as i pleased.

after nearly going to jail i new i needed to shape up drastically, moved 250 miles away and went to live with my uncle, my mum and my brothers moved with me. i totaly flipped my life around, started working totaly stopped all drugs accept weed, i was happy i guess. that soon changed i quit my job and all i have done is skateboard and smoke weed for the past few years. i now have my own flat, the goverment pays my rent

i need a smoke when i wake up, i need it all day if not im sreesed as hell.

the scariest thing is now i have the worst anxiety ever i cant go anywhere, i cant look people in the eye i cant speak to girls, i have to push myself just to go to she shop for food, im depresed due to this and cant stop smoking. i have no job im in debt with rent because i spent my money on weed.
i just want to die sometimes i cant live like a normal person, i cant meet new people because im too on edge whenever im around strangers, and girls is a differnet level. dont wanna job because i cant be arsed.

i know what i need to do but just cant, i dont wanna quit but i know it has changed my personality and my life could have been totaly different.