Sioux County Newsletter

November 2021

Calendar of Events

Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day - Office is closed

Nov. 15 - 4-H Council meeting at 6 pm

Nov. 16 - Shooting Sports meeting at 6 pm

Nov. 19 - Fall Workshop at Bank Basement from 3:30 to 4:30

Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving - Office is closed

Fun Feed Results

Sioux County Fair Fashion Revue

Champion Stylist Becca Reece

Champion Construction Becca Reece

Sioux County Fair Art Hall Best of Show

Senior Champion Foods Becca Reece

Junior Champion Foods Chisum Pelster

Champion Environment Education Baxter Reece

Champion Photography Boone Button

Champion Home Environment Becca Reece

Champion SET Becca Reece

Sioux County Fair Open Youth Livestock Show—Best in County

Beef Showmanship Boone Button, Victoria Turbiville, Tilton Button, Chisum Pelster, & Jaime Turbiville

Bucket Calf Natalie Turbiville

Stocker Feeder Heifer Tilton Button

Breeding Heifer Chisum Pelster

Breeding Beef Bull Boone Button

Sheep Showmanship Jaime Turbiville

Best Dressed Goat Shiloh Button

Kid Goat Shiloh Button

Sioux County Fair Companion Animal Show

Cat Showmanship Boone Button and Tilton Button

Cat Conformation Tilton Button

Dog Showmanship Boone Button

Dog Obedience Boone Button

Sioux County Fair Poultry Show

Champion Poultry Jaime Turbiville

Reserve Champion Poultry Jaime Turbiville

Poultry Showmanship Boone Button

Sioux County Fair 4-H Horse Show High Point Winners

Junior Halter Kenna Lotton

Junior Performance Chisum Pelster

Junior Speed Chisum Pelster

Intermediate Halter Boone Button

Intermediate Performance Baxter Reece

Intermediate Speed Baxter Reece

Senior Halter Jaime Turbiville

Senior Performance Jaime Turbiville

Senior Speed Jaime Turbiville

Grand Champion Halter Horse Chisum Pelster

Neil Nunn Memorial Buckle – Junior Chisum Pelster

Neil Nunn Memorial Buckle - Intermediate Baxter Reece

Neil Nunn Memorial Buckle – Senior Jaime Turbiville

Sioux County Shooters Shooting Sports Certificates

Jaime Turbiville

Victoria Turbiville

Boone Button

Baxter Reece

Becca Reece

Carson Rudloff

Chisum Pelster

Dalton Chinn

Gracyn Schaefer

Morgan Randal

Preston Kreman

Taylor Kreman

Tilton Button

Ty Chinn

Weston Schaefer

Sioux County Warbots Robotics Team Certificates

Baxter Reece

Victoria Turbiville

Landen Oldaker

Logen Oldaker

Preston Kreman

Taylor Kreman

Certificates of Achievement were given to all 4-H’ers who completed the 2021 4-H year.

Starting with First Year Members

Abigail Anderson

Annica Barrera

Carson Rudloff

Embry Barrera

Ethan Turbiville

Nathan Turbiville

Linnea Pelster

Shiloh Button

Second year members

Dalton Chinn

Gracyn Schafer

Jhett Skavdahl

Kenna Lotton

Morgan Randal

Preston Kreman

Taylor Kreman

Ty Chinn

Weston Schaefer

Third year members

Arley Ivy

Natalie Turbiville

Ruger Pelster

Fourth year members

Tilton Button

Torri Neal

Fifth year members

Chisum Pelster

Landen Oldaker

Logen Oldaker

Sixth year members

Boone Button

Sierra Eastman

Tamika Eastman

Seventh year members

Baxter Reece

Victoria Turbiville

Ninth year members

Becca Reece

Jaime Turbiville

Achievement Application Awards were presented to Boone Button, Tilton Button, Baxter Reece, Becca Reece, and Chisum Pelster. Chisum received pins in Range and Shooting Sports. Baxter Reece was awarded pins in Shooting Sports and Wildlife. Tilton Button received pins in Shooting Sports and Horse. Boone Button was awarded pins in Beef and Leadership. Becca Reece was pins in Woodworking and Range. Ruger Pelster and Linnea Pelster were recognized for turning in Clover Kid Achievement Applications.

Clover Bud Members (members 5 – 8 years old) were recognized

Abigail Anderson Annica Barrera

Embry Barrera Shiloh Button

Linnea Pelster Ruger Pelster

Ethan Turbiville Nathan Turbiville

Natalie Turbiville

4-H Leader Recognition included awards for Two Years of Service to Marilyn Wright and Ten Years of Service to Jessica Turbiville.

The Heart of 4-H went to Annette Oldaker. She has been a huge help in assisting with the robotics group throughout the seasons. Last year the team made it to the state competition, and she gladly offered to help transport youth to the competition.

Outstanding Alumni went to Moni Hourt. Moni assisted this summer with a summer photography workshop and is always present to help take photo of the members’ accomplishments.

Outstanding Business in Service to 4-H was given to Sioux County Fire Department. They allow 4-H to utilize their space for shooting sports practices, the fun feed location, and always supporting the 4-H program.

The Outstanding 4-H Member for 2021 is Becca Reece.

All youth participating in or sending exhibits to the Nebraska State Fair were awarded a unique State Fair pin. They are:

Healthy Lifestyle Education

Baxter Reece – Cooking 201 Creative Mixes (Blue)

Becca Reece – Cooking Recipe File (Blue)


Boone Button – Creative Techniques & Lighting (Blue, Special Recognition)

Home Environment

Boone Button – Accessory 2D (Blue)

Baxter Reece – Accessory Outdoor Living (Purple)

Baxter Reece – Accessory Outdoor Living (Purple)

Baxter Reece – Accessory Recycled (Blue)

Baxter Reece – Accessory Textile 3D (Blue)

Human Development

Chisum Pelster – Science Toy (Purple)


Becca Reece—Quilt Quest (Red)

Becca Reece – Upcycled Garment (Purple)

Boone Button – Embellished Garment (Red)

Baxter Reece – Item Constructed with Originally Designed Fabric (Blue)

Baxter Reece – Shopping in Style (Blue)

Becca Reece – Shopping in Style (Red)

Environmental Education

Baxter Reece – Fish Display (Purple, Special Recognition)

Becca Reece – Major Types of Range Plants (Blue)

Veterinary Science

Chisum Pelster – Large Animal Kit (Blue)

Fashion Show

Baxter Reece—Beyond the Needle (Qualified but did not attend)

Shopping in Style Fashion Show

Becca Reece—Best Buy for your Buck Outfit (Qualified but did not attend)

Big picture

4-H Online Enrollment

Did you know the 4-H year is October 1 - September 30? October 1 is the start of a NEW 4-H Year! While everyone is anxious to get re-enrolled in 4-H Online, you will have to wait until all year-end reporting and the upgrade is completed.

4-H Online Enrollment for the 2021-2022 4-H year will not be open until after November 8. There is an upgrade called, 4-H Online 2.0, that will be happening for this year. Most other states use this version of 4-H Online. We have received reports that the 2.0 version is supposed to be more "user-friendly."

Shooting Sports Meeting

On November 16th the Shooting Sports instructors will be hosting a parent meeting at 6 pm at the Sioux County Fire Hall. Families will have the opportunity to get help enrolling in 4-H Online 2.0 for the year and learn about upcoming practices and competitions.

November Workshop

Come join us for a 4-H workshop on November 19th from 3:30 to 4:30 pm at the Bank Basement to create some fall decorations for your home in time for Thanksgiving. The fee for this workshop is $5 and is open to anyone age $5 and above.

Coming in December!

We will be hosting a regular after school 4-H STEM program with hands on activities on Thursdays after the school at the bank basement. Please join us for the fun and look for more details in the December newsletter.

Nebraska State 4-H Livestock Achievement Program

Excited to announce the second year of the Nebraska 4-H Livestock Achievement Program. This additional opportunity for enrolled livestock project youth, is designed to promote all educational aspects of 4-H livestock projects including selection, production, leadership, and exhibition by recognizing youth striving to improve in their livestock project knowledge and leadership.

The program recognizes Members of Excellence across all 4-H livestock project areas, including: beef, sheep, meat goat, swine, dairy cattle, dairy goat, rabbit, and poultry.

The program consists of two levels that require 4-H members to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate and project-related accomplishments. For each level, the Livestock Achievement Program provides a list of accomplishments from which 4-H members choose their goals. Each accomplishment is worth a specific number of points. Intermediates, ages 10-13, must complete 100 points worth of activities to receive the distinction of Intermediate Member of Excellence. Seniors, ages 14-18, must complete 150 points worth of activities to receive the distinction of Senior Member of Excellence. The Plan and Reports, linked on the webpage, show examples of the project related accomplishments they can choose, or they can identify their own with approval of their local educator.

Applications/Sign up are due June 15th through the application form link on the website. Plan and Reports, as well as Project Records will be due August 10 via the completion form on the website. Youth completing the achievement program and receiving member of excellence recognition in the various species will be recognized during the Parade of Champions, 4-H weekend at the Nebraska State Fair.

For more information or to apply, go to: Livestock Achievement Program | Nebraska 4-H (

Ashley Benes

Brett Kreifels

Cole Meador

Big picture

The National Western Stock Show is around the corner. Youth (between the ages 14-18) have the opportunity to participate in the annual catch-a-calf contest. The program is designed for youth to catch a calf, feed it, and return it one year later as a market ready steer at the National Stock Show. Steers are judged on production and carcass quality while the youth are judged on showmanship, record books, and a personal interview. Grand and Reserve will sell their steers at the Auction of Junior Livestock Champions at the Stock Show. Applications to participate in this program are due December 15th.

The application process can be found at: