Origami Owl

Joal Watson Independent Designer #18904

Our Lockets tell a story...your story!

Have you heard? Origami Owl is giving Men and Women throughout the United States the opportunity to become their own boss!! Do you love getting together with friends? Meeting new people? Inspiring young minds? or simply just having some time to yourself? If you answered YES to anyone of those questions...this may be the outlet for you to do so! (ps...and make some money in the process...now I got ya huh!?) contact me if you are interested and we can chat...Origami Owl has changed my life...(and my husband loves it too!!) it takes 10 minutes..if you love what you hear, I can get you started!

Want to host a PARTY!?

I can plan the entire thing:)

You supply a few snacks and refreshments, and I supply the fun!

Party's can be as big as you want.. together we can plan a great Jewelry Bar where YOU can earn FREE product and your guests will walk away with product in hand!!!

Thinking of a great fundraiser for an Organization of Kids sport team? Lets plan it and make it happen!!

How to Contact me:)

Social media is a great way to get the word out about the Jewelry Bar you will be hosting...contact me several different ways...

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