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Communication for the week of September 21, 2015


Comprehension Strategy - Main Idea and Details. The main idea is the most important idea in a passage or book. The details are the facts or ideas the author wrote to support the main idea. Main idea and details are easiest to figure out as one reads nonfiction books, or books about real ideas/concepts.

Phonics Strategy - Reading words with s and ing endings. As you read with your kiddo this week pay special attention to those words. Remember to help your child understand the s at the end sometimes sounds like a /z/ and that ing is spelled with and i not an e.


This weeks words are: sit, sits, win, wins, hit, hits, fit, fits, nap, naps

Remember, kiddos can practice these words at...

Words to Read

The words this week are: eat, her, five, four, this, too.

Some students need one or two practices, some need more. Make it fun! Practice in the kitchen where you spell the word in flour and they trace over it then reading the whole word.


Remember... we have math homework every night. Please support your child in putting the homework in their folder to turn in the next day. Thanks.


We are starting to work on measurement this week. This week we are talking about the concepts of less than, more than, longer than, shorter than, taller than, etc.

Look below at the wonderful number bond a kiddo did on the Number Frame app!

Big image


Thank you to those of you who have donated snack. Please keep the snack rolling in.

Donations - PLEASE, PLEASE.. the below items are needed.

To make our writing and creation workstation engaging I do ask for donations. I am looking for letter stickers, ink pads, scrap paper, foam stickers, pipe cleaners, plastic beads, TP rolls, post cards, thank you card, etc. Keep the donations rolling in throughout the school year. Thanks!
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