Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

Specific Skills

Specific skills are often Job specific which focus on what is needed to do the job properly things such as degrees and qualifications. They skills will often me needed for high level jobs as they will require a large amount of knowledge about the work.

General Attributes

General attributes covers things such as; communication skills, dependability, and self motivation. These skills are important to an employer as they show the employer what kind of person you are and weather you are the right fit for the job. Things like Leadership, teamwork and problem solving are also important general attributes that will help you work effectively in any work environment.


Having a positive attitude can get you a long way in a work place. Employers value attitudes because of how easy it is to tell what someones attitude towards something is. Key things you need to show you have the right attitude towards your work are;

  • Enthusiasm
  • Having a good attitude towards other E.g. show respect.
  • Show confidence in your work

Principles of effective communication

Potential barriers to effective communication

Mechanisms to reduce barries

You can take steps to insure that commutation is not interrupted and is effective. These steps involve decisions about how and where you commutative making sure it's suitable for example you wouldn't do a one on one in a large hall. It's all about researching and choosing the most suitable options that are appropriate for your clients or colleagues.