Carbon Monoxide

A Deadly Poison?

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

- A tasteless, colorless, odorless gas that cannot be detected by human senses.

- Carbon Monoxide can be found in common objects and materials.

- This gas is basically a poison, and could be potentially fatal.

How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide

- Carbon Monoxide detectors could be installed in common households to ensure protection from this harmful gas.

- Avoid Cooking with biomass fuels on open fires. This results in exposure to "health-damaging pollutants". For example, Carbon Monoxide.

- Never leave a vehicle running in an enclosed space!

How Does It Impact Me?

"As exposure continues, the gas hijacks more and more hemoglobin molecules, and the blood gradually loses its ability to carry enough oxygen to meet your body's needs. Without enough oxygen, individual cells suffocate and die, especially in vital organs such as the brain and heart. Carbon monoxide also can act directly as a poison, interfering with cells' internal chemical reactions. (Harvard Health)"

How Can You Make A Difference?

- Advocate Carbon Monoxide Detectors

- Raise Awareness of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

- Spread Carbon Monoxide Prevention Tips

- Use the Power of Social Media, Projects, and Programs to Gain Wide Spread Support

How Serious Is It?

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Deaths Per Year

The number of carbon monoxide deaths increases EVERY YEAR!

Can We Make A Difference?

- We can find alternative materials and products that could potentially create a safer environment

- As a society, we could come together to raise awareness and and create healthier lifestyles