October 2021

Friday, Oct. 8th

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Sato Elementary School

Our mission is to provide active, relevant, educational experiences that foster globally minded innovative citizens in and out of the classroom. Our students will think creatively and take risks as they apply knowledge and skills to future endeavors.

Important Dates:


  • Wed. 10/20 - Earthquake Drill - Great Shake Out (see more Drill Details below)
  • Thurs. and Fri. 10/21 & 10/22 - No School, Fall Parent Conferences
  • 10/13-10/26 - Book Fair
  • 10/27-11/5 - CogAT Full Version see TAG info below

Wednesday, October 20th is a regular school day!

No school for Students Thursday and Friday 10/21 & 10/22

Other important dates to add to your calendars:


  • Thursday, November 11 - No School, Veterans Day
  • Friday, November 12 - No School, Grading Day
  • Wednesday, November 24 - Friday, November 26 - No School, Thanksgiving Holiday
  • Monday, November 29 - No School, Staff Development Day


  • April 28-29, 2022 - No School, Spring Parent Conferences


  • BSD added Juneteenth as an observed holiday, so there will be no school on Monday, June 20th. The last day of school is Tuesday, June 21 and teachers will checkout on Wednesday, June 22.

Meet the Asst. Principal: Larissa Parker

Coming soon the document below will also be posted to the website but I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the Sato family community!

The Zones

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All kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students have learned about The Zones as part of their Social Emotional Learning. The Zones is a color coded system that helps students identify how they feel and what they may need when they are in each zone. Kids know that there is no “bad” zone to be in and that we can even be in multiple zones at one time! By knowing how we feel we know we can check in with our bodies and what they may need. When we are feeling blue, it might be time to take a break. If we are yellow we need to slow down and think about what we are thinking and feeling. If we are red it is time to stop, take a breath, and get some support from an adult. There is a body movement that is associated with each of the zones so see if your student can teach you what they know! By being able to communicate and be aware of how we feel we increase our ability to relate to each other and get our needs met.

Kelso’s Choices:

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In Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade we also went over Kelso’s Choices. Kelso is a frog who is an expert problem solver. When a problem is small we encourage students to use the problem solving strategies in the wheel to help them solve their problem. Big problems are defined as events that involve safety and danger, as well as if you have already tried 2 Kelso’s choices and they didn’t work. We teach the students “If you have a small problem, try 2! Then an adult will know what to do.” Kelso’s choices are a really great alternative to just asking a student “how are you going to solve that?” Instead we say “which Kelso’s Choice would you try?”

Birthdays, Invitations and Treats at school

Even before Covid times, we asked families not to send birthday treats such as cupcakes, candies or cakes to school for their child's class. The District has a wellness policy that prohibits this as well as the fact we need to be mindful of students with varying dietary restrictions.

If you would like to help your child celebrate their birthday at school, you can donate a book to the classroom library to be cherished and used for many months and years to come. You can write a dedication in the front cover and notify the teacher - who can do a special class read aloud with your donated book.

Sending birthday party invitations to be distributed at school can be disrupting to the classroom environment, however should you need to do this please notify the teacher in advance AND include an invitation to every child in the classroom. It can feel really bad to children to be left out of invitations.

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The Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries have recently expanded their hours.

WiserKids K-5 Newsletter will be published four times during the school year and our October issue is ready! You can subscribe here.

October's issue features:

Parent Information Series: Parents can bring their questions and challenges each month to this online workshop. Positive Discipline Parent Educator, Megan Barella will help you transform your child's misbehavior into connection and cooperation. October 7th's topic is intrinsic motivation and growth mindset. Learn some practical tools and the brain science behind them to gain children's cooperation with chores, homework and even their own positive behavior!


All Are Welcome: Picture book read-alouds that inspire thoughtful conversations. Share with elementary age kids grades K-5 to create an inclusive learning community in school.

Starting a New School Year: A list of Parent/Teacher titles available at Cedar Mill & Bethany Community Libraries, focused on starting a new school year, Kindergarten, teaching, and more.

Navigating Middle School: Want to help your child transition to middle school? These nonfiction & fiction titles cover a variety of topics about navigating the middle school years!

Leveled Books: Find books at your student's Independent Reading Level IRLA.

Decodable Books and Games for Beginning Readers: Decodable books allow readers to decode words using the principle of phonics (the relationship between letters and the sounds they make). Decodables are helpful to anyone learning to read, but are essential for teaching readers with dyslexia.

Oregon Battle of the Books (OBOB) 101 for Grown-Ups: Want to know what OBOB is all about? This October 18th workshop will provide an overview of the program, cover what to expect during a battle and give tips on preparing kids to have fun and be successful.

Homework Help: We provide online research tools that aren’t available on free Internet sites. Use your library card and PIN to log in and find live homework help, databases, reference materials, and more.

Celebrating the Sato Community!!

Hi Sato Families, What an amazing and diverse community we have at Sato and we would love to celebrate it with a whole school art project. Your student will be bringing home a paper with an outline of a person. Please watch the video to see the directions.
Sato Paper Person Project Directions

National Hispanic Heritage Month 9/15-10/15

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic Heritage Month. National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. In BSD, 53% of students are students of color and the largest student group of color is Hispanic/Latino(a). At Sato nearly 11% of our students are students of color with Hispanic/Latino(a).

October is National Filipino American History Month

October is National Filipino American History Month. It’s all about celebrating the history, heritage, culture and achievements of Filipino Americans.

The celebration of Filipino American History Month in October each year is significant. It commemorates the first recorded presence of Filipinos in the continental United States.

Each year, Filipino American History Month is recognized with a special theme. The 2021 theme is “50 Years Since the First Young Filipino People's Far West Convention.”

To learn more about Filipino American History Month or to find other ways to celebrate Filipino American people, history and culture year-round, visit the FANHS website.

Monday October 11th is Indigenous Peoples' Day

October 11, 2021 is recognized as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the United States and we are celebrating its second year of recognition in the Beaverton School District.

Thank you to our colleagues in the American Indian and Alaska Native Education Program and to our Native American Parent Advisory Council (NAPAC) for helping to craft and review the resolution to acknowledge the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples’ Day and the month of November as Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month.

Check out the National Museum of the American Indian’s Native Knowledge 360 site to learn more about how you can honor and act to elevate our Indigenous communities.

A reminder from Transportation

A reminder that due to COVID 19, we cannot have unauthorized riders on buses. Specifically, we cannot allow students to ride home with a friend or use their non-assigned bus. Drives will turn away students not assigned to their route in the afternoons. For the time being, we need to be strict about ridership.
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Book Fair

We are so excited to be able to offer a one day, in-person book fair! In-person shopping will be offered outside in the covered area near the library from 8:00 am-3:30 pm on Thursday, October 21. This is a non-school day for students. Support your school library while supporting your student’s choice reading by visiting our Scholastic Book Fair. Can’t make it in person? Shop any time October 13-26 by visiting our online fair!

When should I keep my child home from school?

We would like to remind you about our guidelines for determining whether or not your student should come to school if they are ill.

If your student shows primary symptoms of COVID 19, we ask you to keep your child home and contact your health care provider to get a COVID test. You may also find THIS website helpful for covid testing locations. Primary symptoms of covid are defined as fever, cough, chills, loss of taste or smell and/or shortness of breath.

  • If the covid test is positive, please notify the school and quarantine your child at home for 10 days or as directed by Washington County Public Health.
  • If the test is negative, please follow the Keep Ill Children Out of School guidelines
  • If you do not want to test your student for covid and they are showing primary symptoms, they should quarantine at home for 10 days.
  • If your child has any other communicable disease symptoms, please follow the Keep Ill Children Out of School guidelines.

If you have a child who has a diagnosed chronic health condition that may present as primary symptoms of covid, such as asthma or another lung condition and the school is unaware of this condition, please contact our school nurse, Sydney Garl at sydney_garl@beaverton.k12.or.us or via parent square. She may need to implement a school health management plan to help prevent your child from being inappropriately sent home from school.

Please notify the office if your child will be out sick. We appreciate your help keeping our school community safe. Remember to use the attendance link on our main webpage

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Back to School FAQ

Remember that if you have questions about Covid Protocols or quarantining, please be sure to continually check out the BSD FAQ page as it is continually updated. Linked for you below.

Safety Drills at Sato

Earthquake Drill - October 20th with the Great ShakeOut

Our first Earthquake Drill is just right around the corner on Wednesday October 20th. If you would you like more information please check out Earthquake Preparedness on the BSD website and Oregon's Great ShakeOut.

Helpful Tips & Reminders:

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Lost and Found

Please use a sharpie to write your child's name in/on items such as lunch boxes, coats, sweaters, water bottles, etc. Items with names will be returned directly to your child.

As we currently have restrictions for visitors on campus, please check out our digital lost and found below. If you want to claim an item, please fill out the claim form and the front office will be in touch with you about picking up the item or simply sending it home with your child.

Rain Or Shine - reminder

As you know Sato is a large and thriving school community. We are currently using every available space to allow for the distancing safety protocols. That means that PE is outside in the undercover area and all classes go outside to recess as cohorts in different zones. With PE under the covered area, there is not a covered area option for recesses.

Please dress your children appropriately for outdoor recess every day: Rain or Shine!!

For safety reasons on the bus and hallways please keep umbrellas at home!

Hello! I'm Annie Pleau!

I missed having an in-person Back To School Night where I typically have an opportunity to introduce myself!

If you'd like to know a little more about me please check out the Meet the Principal Page on our website, linked below!