Child Labor In The Cocoa Industry

And Why You Should Help To Prevent It

Conditions for Children In The Cocoa Industry

Cocoa is something that is present in our lives in the form of sweets, drinks and chocolate. What we dont realize, however is the fact that the majority of this cocoa is harvested in West Africa, where child labor is common and widespread. These childern do dangerous work and are exposed to rough conditions and chemicals that can be harmful. Many of these children are sold, trafficked, or kidnapped into doing this work, and are treated very poorly by those whom they are employed by. Many of these children do not attend school at all, and if they do, they may still not be recieving the best education possible.

Human Trafficking

Many of the children working on cocoa plantations are sold or tricked into the work. Some are even sold by their own relatives, who are usually unaware of the conditions and treatment that these kids recieve. Children are sometimes kidnapped from bordering countries and taken to the plantations to work. Many of them may not see their family for years, if ever.