Wallace Weekly

September 16, 2016

Dear Parents,

I am sending the newsletter this evening because I will not be at school tomorrow. The children know I am going to be gone, and they are trying to earn a Popsicle for great behavior while I am away. Please note that work habits grade in the Friday folder does not reflect completed homework this week. I assumed the good when I left today that everything would be turned in tomorrow morning. Remember the homework packet, reading log, and technology homework are due in the morning.

Please sign up for a conference if you have not had a chance to do so. Use the link www.ptcfast.com/reg1 and the code T2Y1100863 to select a date and time. If the dates and times do not work for you, please let me know when you would like to meet.

We will be taking the CogAT test on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday next week. It is very important for students to be present and on time each of these days. We will begin testing shortly after the bell rings. The test should take about an hour each day. There is nothing your child needs to do to prepare for the test other than getting a good night's rest and eating a healthy breakfast. Please note that there will be no lunch visitors allowed next week due to testing.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

Mrs. Wallace


Please remember that your child can bring his or her devise to school every day. There are books on eClass that they can read during reading. I also have math activities that they can do on the computer as well. Please remember to send the completed BYOD form with a description of your child's devise and the serial number if s/he plans to bring it to school. We lock the classroom when we are not in it, so it will be in a secure location.

What's my child learning?

Reading - Students will continue meeting in small groups to work on decoding strategies, fluency, and comprehension strategies. We will review a variety of skills like identifying the characters and setting of the story and retelling the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Word Study - We will review compound words.

Math - Students will review place value, skip counting, and comparing numbers. We will have a test on Wednesday. Students will have a review paper that comes home on Tuesday.

Social Studies - We will be learning about Georgia's Regions and Rivers.

Grammar - Students will learn more about context clues this week.

Writing - Students will learn writing moves from mentor authors and from our friends in the classroom.

On the Calendar

Wednesday, September 21st - CogAT Testing

Thursday, September 22nd - CogAT Testing

Friday, September 23rd - CogAT Testing

Saturday, September 24th - Sydney's Birthday

Sunday, September 25th - Kyla's Birthday

Wednesday, September 28th - Early Release/Lunch 11:23 (in the classroom)

Thursday, September 29th - Early Release/Lunch 11:23 (in the classroom)

Friday, September 30th - Book Fair Buying Time~8:30-8:50

Specials Rotation

Monday - Day 5

Tuesday - Day 1

Wednesday - Day 1

Thursday - Day 1

Friday - Day 2

Promise of Gwinnett Writing Contest.....

Our students have an amazing opportunity to participate in the Promise of Gwinnett Writing Contest!

The theme of this writing competition is The Promise of Gwinnett. While students are not responding to a specific prompt, they should write about “promise.”

For example:

• How do they show their potential?

• How do their families encourage their dreams?

• Why should people strive to fulfill their promise?

• What promises do public schools make to their students?

• What do they hope to do with their education?

Entries may include: Short Stories, Poetry, Essays, Expository Writing, or Personal Narratives

This must be an original work that students create without the help of others. Edits and revisions should be the work of the student.

All entries must be submitted by Sept. 30th at noon.