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Friday, October 9, 2015


Studying characters was the focus of our week. The kids learned that authors build their characters in two ways. One, the physical appearance of the character is determined (the outside). Then the personality is built through the character's words, thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices. Reba Jo from The Horned Toad Prince was a great character to analyze.

The Iroquois stories continue to give us the opportunity to practice main idea, story elements, making inferences and analyzing characters.

Writing informational paragraphs continues to be part of our day. There is just so much to remember about writing paragraphs when you're a 4th grader! :)


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Our plan is to complete Module 2 next week. Then we’ll be on to Module 3. Module 3 covers multi-digit multiplication and division. November is quickly approaching and that’s when our Continental Math League (CML) and Math Olympiad (MO) competitions will begin! The kids are familiar with CML, but haven’t been exposed to MO before. Be on the lookout for those practice materials to be coming home in the coming weeks.

Mr. Philipp's Class ~ This week the students took a quiz on Module 1 Topic C: Rounding Numbers. This was a challenging topic for many students. I encourage you to continue practicing rounding with your child as he/she struggled at times to round when the number is larger than the rounded place value. Rounding is incorporated in future lessons.

Students were also introduced to adding and subtracting using the traditional algorithms. They also learned to use tape diagrams to help them organize their work and determine both the number needed and the required operation. Students had a lot of confidence in adding as well as subtracting numbers without borrowing. We stressed the importance of reading the directions and the problems carefully to make sure we understand what is asked of us. Lastly, we discussed reasonableness and its importance in rounding and finding exact answers.

Open House

You're invited to Open House on Wednesday, October 14th from 6:00-7:30. Traditionally, sign-ups have been part of the evening. This year, I am going to try to use SignUp Genius. Be looking for a link to be coming through Remind for our Halloween Party!

Picture Day

Picture day is Thursday, October 15th. The order sheet can be found in your child's Friday Folder.


I hope you child has been collecting small sticks and bark! At this point we are looking to wrap up our integrated ELA/Haudenosaunee unit. I'm scheduling longhouse building to begin in school on Monday, October 19th. Kids will be working in small groups of 3 or 4 to complete the task. I will provide the base and frame of the longhouse. The kids will add all of the details. Next week, we'll establish groups. Be on the look out for more information!

Important Dates

October 12 - No School, Columbus Day Observed

October 14 ~ Open House, 6-7:30

October 15 ~ School Picture Day

October 19 ~ Let the Longhouse building Begin!

October 30 ~ Halloween Party

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