Anthem School Updates

January 8, 2020

Friday, January 10 is Early Release at 2:00


SAVE THE DATE - STEAM night is January 29 from 5:30-7:30. Be sure to come and enjoy all the exhibits and activities! The new Makerspace will also be open to highlight student work and provide hands on activities for the whole family.

Kindergarten Open House

If you have an incoming Kindergarten student, please stop by the office to register. We are hosting an open house on January 30 from 5:30-7:00. Spread the word!

PLC updates

In addition to team collaboration time, Friday teachers will complete a mid-year reflection to provide valuable implementation information to the teacher leadership team. It is important that we measure our progress as we progress through the process to ensure staff understand, follow through, and receive appropriate professional development aligned to their work.
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Hello Parents,

The motto in school this week is:

Learn from others rather than compare yourself to others.

Students can either use comparison as a tool for improvement or as a means of judgment and self-deprecation. How does your child use comparison? Does comparison tend to motivate them or make them feel diminished? With social media making comparisons more accessible than ever (He has 27 likes, and I only have 10), this is a meaningful discussion to have with your child.

“Comparisons make you feel superior or inferior.
Neither serves a useful purpose.”
– Unknown

However, comparison can be a tool for learning and improvement, rather than ranking or judging ourselves as better or worse than others. But, how can we help our kids use comparison productively when it is such an easy tool to misuse?

Explain the difference to your child:

Comparison for Self-Betterment. When we compare to learn, we see the differences between ourselves and others without feeling like our self-worth is on the line. We are excited when we see others do well in an area we want to excel in, and we eagerly seek out information and choose to learn from their success.

Comparison for Judgment. When we compare to judge, we tend to be fueled by emotional rather than logical thinking. Ask your children to notice the way they feel when they are comparing themselves to others. The stronger the emotional reaction they feel, the more likely it is that they are judging, or ranking themselves against others, rather than observing to learn new skills.

Comparison can be a valuable tool when used wisely!

"We cannot become what we want to be by remaining where we are."
-Max DuPree

Imagine what your child could create if they see the world as their tutor, rather than their competition!

Best to you,

Danna Evans
All Things E.Q.

Kids Heart Challenge

Thank you to our K-4 students who participated in our Kid's Heart Challenge. Anthem School generously raised $1,928 for the American Heart Association, which will be used for heart health research. It is our goal for students to continue being active and eating healthy to maintain a healthy heart. We would like to give a shout out to our top fundraiser, Bryce G. in 2nd grade for raising $454. Thank you all for your generosity and commitment to facilitating conversations about heart health with our community. If your student won a large prize, they will be delivered to the school in 4-6 weeks. We appreciate your patience as we wait for the prizes to arrive.

Upcoming dates

January 10 - Character and Award Assemblies

January 10 - Early release at 2:00

January 17 - STEAM Day

January 17 - Early Release at 2:00

January 20 - No School

January 23 - Fox 10 visiting our Maker Club

January 29 - STEAM NIGHT!

January 30 - Kinder Preview Night 5:30-7:00

January 31 - Early Release 2:00

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Golf Club is back!

Dates: Feb. 6 - May 14

Who: 5th - 8th grade students

Cost: $449

Deadline: Jan. 31

See the pdf for more information. Contact Chris at or 623 826-3511 to secure a spot for your team member.