Endangered Barn Owl

Ms.Dao Ellie Cheong

A Little Bit About Barn Owls

Here's some ideas of how it looks like and some facts to start of:

  • White heart-shaped face
  • Black eyes
  • Pale
  • Golden Color
  • Lightly speckled under parts
  • Long legs
  • Lacks(missing something) "ear tufts"
  • It can also be called "Tyto Alba"
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Endangered in Our Province Right Now

Barn owls in Ontario are endangered right now. It was asses as endangered when the Species Act took effect in 2008. These cute looking animals cannot tolerate severe winter temperatures, and southern Ontario is the northern limit of this range.

It can be find in these places in the southern Ontario:

  • Abandoned buildings
  • Roots in barns
  • Adaptable owl nest
Some breeding sites seem to be restricted to areas with the moderating effects of the Great Lakes(within 50 kilometers of the lakes).

How Many Barn Owls Are Still Left In Ontario?

In Ontario there are up to 60 Barn Owls, 30 pairs in Ontario. Barn Owls may be extirpate(to remove/destroy totally), in our province. The Barn Owl is extirpate in Michigan and has declined in other states in the northeastern and mid western of the United States.

Here is a graph of Barn Owls since 1998- 2008 ... Oh! And if you want to read on go on this website!

What You and I can do to help the Barn Owls

  1. Try not to build more big buildings
  2. Don't cut down trees
  3. Don't pollute
  4. Be ECO friendly (recycle and not garbage a lot)
  5. Plant trees for the Barn Owls
  6. And enjoy the outdoor area to tell or prove to people that cut down trees not to, we all love nature!

What the Levels of Government are Doing to Help the Barn Owls

The governments are taking action with the people who works at the website: www.ontario.ca/environment-and-energy/barn-owl, who is protecting there habitats.

Read what the govenment says about the Barn Owls:

What The Government Can do to Help the Barn Owls More

The Provincial Government can help the Barn Owls more by gathering more people or working with different people. They can also help by:

  • Showing or making a website on the internet
  • Adding them to newspapers
  • Telling news reporters about the issue since 2008
  • And what everyone can do by doing a speech


The perspective of all the levels of governments are working with a group of people who protects there habitats. Governments doesn't worry about this issue a lot, but they should to help the animals.

The 2nd perspective is the community. The community doesn't know about this issue(unless they are in program to help endangered animals) because nobody ever talks about this issue.

An Organization

An organization that is helping the Barn Owls is called Ontario. It was mentioned at the beginning of this flyer but, did I tell you that they are automatically protecting the Barn Owls? The government is working with them but again they are not helping a lot. But it's better then nothing!


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