Warrior Wednesdays

October 12, 2022 - No. 6

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GRACE - the Favor We Don't Deserve!

While at the Pastoral Breakfast this week, Mark Sanderson, Director of the Open Arms Shelter, mentioned showing grace in his current work.

Grace can be characterized as going out of our way to give your compassion, kindness and love to someone even if they might not appreciate it or give it in return.

I have always thought it important to show grace as often as possible with people we know and with those we don't know as well or don't know at all! I believe this showing of grace can translate to our co-workers when we are all frazzled and to our students when they need just one more opportunity.

Author Dawn Klinge offers these 9 ways we can give grace:

1) With our words - a gentle answer can help to turn away anger

2) Look for needs and opportunities - simple everyday kindness

3) Let it go - keep a calm spirit if someone is rude or angry

4) Be there - sometimes just your presence is needed

5) Forgive - pretty self explanatory.....

6) Ask for forgiveness - apologize when you make a mistake

7) Watch the way you speak - be cognizant of how you express yourself

8) Gratitude - say thank you often and be thankful often

9) Take an interest in others - listen and care

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Custodian Training

On Friday, October 7th, campus custodians attended a training to learn the proper and effective use of the cleaning products we use and proper inventory accounting. The sales rep from HD Products came to share his expertise as well.

Thank you to David Adams for knowing the training needed to occur and then organizing the training session!

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Goats and Lambs at the Fannin County Fair

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BHS FFA Ag Mech Projects

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Pigs at the Fannin County Fair

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BISD shows chickens at the fair

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Livestock at the Fannin County Fair

BISD artists compete at the Fannin County Fair

BISD photography entries

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Accounts Payable Day - Thursday, October 6th

Kay Eskue does a wonderful job paying all of Bonham ISD’s bills, ensuring procedures are followed and documentation is received and kept. Her attention to detail is impeccable and we are very lucky she is on our team.

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Thank You principals and Assistant Principals

This week was Principal and Asst. Principal Appreciation Week. While I am so grateful for the work they do in leading instruction, hiring great staff, boosting morale, communication and so much more..... on each campus - everyday, I am honored to give them extra loving this week!

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great days of service, Saturday, October 15

Bonham ISD will once again organize the Canned Food Drive at the campus from October 3 - 13. Stay tuned for more information from your campus principal.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 15th at 9:00 if you would like to help sort and/or deliver the donated food. Please register at http://gdsbonham.org/home/ .

All food will stay to help those in need here in Fannin County.

Jeff Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser - Friday, October 28

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Informational Bond Videos

Volume 4 focuses on improvements to be made at Bailey Inglish and Finley-Oates.

10 3 Bond Update Volume 4
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What is FERPA?

It's the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act....watch this short video to brush up on your knowledge about FERPA.

Student Privacy 101: FERPA for Parents and Students
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LHR District CC Meet @ Bells; 4:30


BHS District CC Meet @ Bells; 9:00

LHR JV FB @ Mineola; 4:30

LHR VB @ Home; 5:00

BHS JV FB @ Home; 5:30


Community Pep Rally @ Warrior Stadium; 9:30

BHS VB (V, JV2, JV) @ Pottsboro; 4:30

BHS VAR FB @ Mineola; 7:30


BHS Fishing Team Tournament @ Lake Lewsiville


LHR VB @ Home; 5:00

Regular BISD Board Meeting; 6:00


BHS VB (JV2, JV, V) @ Howe; 5:00


LHR FB @ Whitesboro; 4:30

BHS JV FB @ Home; 5:30


Finley-Oates Fall Festival @ Warrior Stadium; 5:30 - 7:30


BHS Band UIL Marching Contest

💡 Words of Wisdom 💡

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