Lucy's Library Blast!

December 15. 2014

Holiday Season

During this holiday season, I wish all of my new West End family a safe, healthy, and happy celebration with friends and family. I considered myself truly fortunate to be part of this wonderful group of innovative and caring people.

Winter Readings:

5th Grade

"The Life Cycle of a Snowman"
Lexile: 1110
Vocabulary: cycle, evaporate, precipitation
Paired Text: Water, Water, Everywhere!

"The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe"
Lexile: 940

6th - 8th Grade

"Learning to Skate"
Lexile: 770
Vocabulary: avoid, determination, dread
Paired Text: "Brown Onions"

"Ice Harvest"
Lexile: 1070
Vocabulary: harvest

"The Vortex"
Lexile: 900
Vocabulary: circulate, climate

"A Winter's Drive"
Lexile: 770
Vocabulary: agent, spoil
Paired Text: "Back Roads"

LL Delivery: REMINDER: The last day that items will be delivered to our school will be Thursday, Dec. 18.

  • LL will keep the school hold locations open over the break so students and teachers can continue to request items.

  • To help with workflow, MNPS will most likely continue to deliver items to your school during the break, but all items will be due as if they come to us on Jan. 6.