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Vol. 2 Iss. 4 (09.21.2020)

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Parents' Notice of Procedural Safeguards

DESE updated the Parents' Notice of Procedural Safeguards in November 2019. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this document.


Suggested script for Serving Learning PLan development.

Here is a sample MJSHS COVID-19 Service Learning Plan and the coordinating Screencastify

THIS week's COVID-19 Service Learning Plans Drop-in Sessions

These are not mandatory sessions. The Zoom link is hyperlinked to the date listed below.

Virtual IEP Meetings

Team meetings will be held virtually. If a meeting must occur in person, clearly delineated protocols for screening, physical distancing, hand washing/hand sanitizer use, and use of masks/face coverings will be fully enforced. Regardless of whether meetings are held in person or remotely, interpreters will still be provided as needed to ensure multilingual families are able to participate in their native language.

Updated "TO-DO List for Virtual IEP Meetings"

Wednesdays and IAs/ABAs/RBTs

Per the Teachers' MOA, teachers may choose to work in the building or remotely on Wednesdays. The same applies to our IAs/ABAs/RBTs. If they choose to work remotely, they are to submit an IA Assignment/Task Log (similar to what was completed during the spring school closure). This log is to be submitted no later than Thursday morning to their building principal and supervising teacher(s). The supervising teacher is the case manager/liaison assigned to the students for whom you are supporting. These logs are to support liaisons/case managers in knowing that services are being provided.

Please use your IAs/ABAs/RBTs to run one-on-one or small group sessions. They may also be assigned to check-in and out with students or to work with their classroom teacher to assist with live lessons (for example: facilitating a breakout room).

Compliance Tips

  • Begin with preparation: Draft IEPs must be ready 3 days prior to the meeting. Team Chairs will send these electronically to families 2 days before the meeting.
  • Make sure data to support a student's current level of performance (CLP) is available to share with parents at the meeting.
  • Assessments and data should lead the way.
  • Regularly check with parents and parent representatives during IEP meetings (meaningful parent participation).
  • If the IEP team excuse members, the excusal must be in writing with the parent agreement and signature. Given meetings will be held virtually, verbal consent is acceptable and should be documented. Excused members should reach out to the family prior to the meeting and provide the Team Chair with a written summary for the meeting.
  • If the student participates in general education programming for any part of their day, a general education teacher must be present for the entire meeting. General education teachers may rotate in and out of the meeting. If the parent expresses concern in a certain area, it would be most appropriate to have that subject area teacher present.
  • REFRAIN from diagnosing medical conditions or suggesting medication without the credentials for doing so.

Special Education and Distance Learning Resources

This link is a database of resources, webinars, and tutorials for teachers, students, and families. I hope you find something you like.

Accommodation Resources for Virtual Implementation

Activities/Lesson Planning Resources and Ideas

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