Acton Hybrid Academy of Castle Rock

To inspire others to find their God-given calling

Do you want to turn education upside down?

Then maybe Acton Hybrid Academy for Homeschoolers will be a fit for your family or maybe just one or some of your students. We launched September 1st 2020 & have big plans for the next school year! Read & watch the recommended videos and consider joining us at an upcoming event.

Who? Students ages 10 & up (starting a 7-9 year old studio in 2021) looking for a Christ-centered student led program free from government mandates, requirements & control.

What? A 21st century One Room School house based on Montessori project based model that will meet two days a week & equip the students to continue those assignments at home.

Where? Beyond Church - behind Safeway in Castle Rock, CO.

When? Tues & Thurs for 28 weeks in Sept-May for the 2020-21 school year. We currently have two studios with 8-10 students each led by an Adult paid guide (not teacher).

Why? To fill a need in our family & community for a student-driven education with a one room school house model. That offers a Christian option for home educators to continue through graduation with support & community.

Tuition & fees? We are a private faith-based homeschool support academy and want to keep this as affordable as possible. We are a non-profit business that will use the tuition to pay for our adult guides, rent, supplies, & admin fees. The cost is approximately $80/week ($1100/semester) for 28 weeks. We offer quarterly or semester payment options which includes all CORE classes you will need for the days not at the academy, projects & fun (some families include extra classes at their own expense, it is welcomed, yet not required). Scholarships may be available upon request.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more!

From our sister academies (there are over 200+ world wide) experience:
"Some students try to fit in. Ours learn to stand out. Acton students grow in character and learn to express themselves with confidence, courage, and creativity. Students complete core skills at their own pace. Real world hands-on projects develop leadership, creativity, and teamwork. We help children find a calling so they can change the world. "

Meet our Guides... Mrs Miesbauer and Mrs Streib

Big picture

Upcoming events

We started the Academy on September 1st and meet most Tuesdays and Thursdays through May 6th. We have monthly mom chats, field trips, and more.

Interested families are welcome to join a tour, mom chat, &/or exhibition nights. More details here for upcoming events & to RSVP

Spots are limited!

Join us for one or all of these events PLEASE RSVP via the link or to Colleen / 303-358-3451

A Virtual Tour of Acton Academy 2012-2013

Grades, standardized tests and homework? Never at Acton Academy.

Then how will students learn?


As in any environment we have words & ideas that are specific to us, we believe it's important to know the definition of each term, here are a few Acton families use regularly:

Heroes = our Acton Academy students
Heroes Journey = the journey each student is on to be inspired to use their most special gifts, in a way that brings great joy, to solve a deep burning need in the world.

Studio = a group of similar age students with a adult Guide that works independently & together. (Our Castle Rock location plans to start with two studios = middle & high school)

Guide = the adult leader of the studio that will guide the Socratic conversations, keep students accountable, & inspire them on their heroes journey

Core skills = reading, writing, & math completed online using state-of the art learning software & Socratic discussion

Quests = Competing and collaborating in a game-like series of real world projects to learn 21st Century Skills.

Apprenticeships = Experimenting with entrepreneurs, scientists and community leaders,honing your most precious gifts and talents until you find a “calling” in life.

Ready to learn more & if this could be a fit for your students?

Five steps (can be completed out of order) to see if our academy is a possible fit for your student(s).

#1 WATCH: Watch two or more these videos with your learner(s) prior to our open house:

#2 TOUR: Attend a 60min tour & overview with your potential student(s) offered from 9 -10am or 1-2pm during the school year or as requested in the summer. RSVP here at our events page.

#3 READ: Both parents are asked to read Courage to Grow. Get a free copy from me or order the book (on Audible or for kindle) "Courage to Grow" by the founders of Acton Academy to read more about the Acton model.

#4 LEARN: Review our parent contracts, learning plan, & more to see if this program is a good fit for your family, if you decide it is then please complete the form and apply. Attend an Exhibition night (available during the school year) see the students display of their work and meet the families.

#5 APPLY: Start the student audition / application process and attend a shadow day to see if you are accepted to be one of our next families on a heroes journey!


If you are ready to start the application process to save save your student(s) spots please begin with step 1 of 3 here.

The Sprister Family

We are the Sprister family and have been homeschooling from the beginning. Our kids are 11,13, 15 & 17. As our kids hit the teen years we found that we needed to adjust our homeschooling to meet the needs of our family. We visited a new hybrid Acton Academy in the fall of 2019 (just 30min away) and the majority of our kids were drawn into the program but of course they wanted a location closer to our home and wanted to attend two days instead of three... so then our journey began to open a new location to meet those needs/wants.

Follow us on facebook or instragram & join our group for up to date information at: Acton Hybrid Academy Castle Rock, CO