Heinrich Himmler

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Personal Life and Family History

Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900 in Munich Germany

He was born into a middle-class family

He had two brothers: Gebhard Ludwig Himmler and Ernst Hermann Himmler

He later in life married: Margarete Boden and had two sons: Gehard von Ahe and Helge Potthast and two daughters: Gudrun Burwitz and Nanette Dorothea

Involvement in WW1


During WW1, Heinrich Himmler dreamed of service on the front as an officer. Using his reluctant Father's connections, he left High School to commence training on January 1,1918. On Novemeber 11,1918 before Himmler finished his training, Germany signed the armistice that would go on to end WW1.

Activities in the 1930s

Himmler impressed Hitler with his discipline and control so he gave him Command of the SS (Hitler's bodyguards) in 1930. He tried to seperate the SS from the SA (street fighters of the Nazi Party) by expanding the SS membership from just 300 people to 512,000 by Kate 1939.


Heinrich Himmler was Adolf Hitler's right hand man, always by his side and always representing fear and drilling fear into Germans and Jews. Himmler was head of the entire Nazi police force including the Gestapo. One of Hitler's most important men.

Involvement in WWII


Himmler controlled the civil service and courts as well as the National Police and the Secret a Police. He was responsible for setting up concentration camps and getting up to 6 million Jews murdered. He is said to be the driving force behind the 'Final Solution' which was the organised attempt to exterminate the Jews.

After the War


Himmler was arrested by British after the War had ended, and shortly after Hilter had commit suicide, he bit on a cyanide tablet because he thought he was later going to be tortured and died as a result.
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