The Kiss

Author James Patterson Book report by Blake Richeson


Witsy is a witch in the book. She is trying to find leads to help her find out where the homeless children are disappearing to.


Whit is a wizard in the book. He is also looking for leads to find where the homeless children are disappearing to. Finally he found out where the missing children are.

Wizard King

The wizard king is the bad guy in the book he has people that go and kidnap the children and bring them up the hills to the Wizard King where he "cleanses them"

Setting of the story

There are 2 settings in 1 is a town the story in a town and the 2 one is on a hill. The hill is where the Wizard king lives and the town is where Witsy and Whit live.

main problem

The main problem the story is that the Wizard King is kidnapping the children from the town.The Wizard King is making a army of soldiers that are kids. And there was going to be a war between the the Mountain people and the Town.