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About Wyatt Packard

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Why I play sports!

Why I play sports!

I love to play sports because they are fun and I love it when I get steals and the crowd starts screaming! I love playing basketball because I just naturally have talent for the sport and it's just fun in my opinion!

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Thursday, Dec. 25th, 12am to Friday, Dec. 26th, 12am

Almost Everywhere

This event is Christmas nearly everybody celebrates Christmas!!!!


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Football's Hardest Hits & Trucks - College & NFL
Jingle Hoops
INSANE Backboard BREAKING Dunks [Super Compilation]

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Owen Rowntree

Froggy Fresh- Dunked On by Owen Rowntree



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10 facts about me!

1. I am 13! 2. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister. 3. Basketball is my favorite sport. 4. I have 8 cousins! 5. I love playing video games! 6. I'm actually really good at climbing trees! 7. Football is my 2nd favorite sport. 8. Last year I got 1st place in the Running Long Jump! 9. My cousin Adam is the funniest person I know! 10. I would like to own an Aeromobile 3.0!

The future is here!

The AeroMobil 3.0 is a beautiful flying car. Beautifully integrated, the Aeromobil 3.0 transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane! This is just the dawn of the future!

3 things you didn't know existed!

1. Zackees gloves: These are the worlds first turn signal gloves there will be a picture of them up above!2. Airdog: The Airdog camera drone is a quad copter drone that has a Go-pro camera equipped recording and following you no matter where you go by tracking a wireless receiver that you where around your wrist. This was made to get perfect ariel video. 3. The 3Doodler: Yep its exactly what it sounds like its the worlds first 3D printing pen!

What I do for fun.

Usually what I do for fun is I get together with my family and we play football, basketball, dodge ball, video games, watch TV, and watch scary or funny movies!