Bullets & Ballots

Unit 2 Summative

Unit 2 Claim

Social groups all over the world learn to work together by balancing the conflict and cooperation amongst them.


-The Peasants and the Guatemala government combined due to the kidnapping of both leaders.

-The Guerrillas put down their arms to join the peasants.

-The United States decided to overthrow the country, set a democracy in place run by Guatemala representative running for president and the Peasant representative running for vice president

My Role

My social group was the Peasants. I was running for president to give the people of Guatemala peace. We wanted a say in politics. We knew what it was like being caught in the crossfire. We begged for out peace. The conflict and cooperation that allowed us to achieve our goal was being kidnapped along with the Guatemala government representative running for president. The treaty between the Army & Wealthy and Guatemala was broken. This sparking a treaty between the Peasants and Guatemala. Ryan, the representative running for president and I, the Peasant representative running for vice president, were elected to run the country.


I believe the new Guatemala will do well with two strong and powerful leaders. One being a peasant whos knows what its like being caught in the crossfire. Guatemala will do well because these leaders have the people's support.


An example of this happening today is the conflict between North and South Korea. Ever since 1950 the Koreas have been fighting over land and power. Just like the Peasants, their civilians are being caught in the crossfire. These people get shot if they try to leave the country to live in the opposing Korea or China.


Conflict in my social group has already started. My boyfriend is best friends with a girl that I don't like being around. Around her I never feel good about myself. But at the same time I don't want to make the conflict worse and tell them I don't like them talking. All conflict can be resolved, you just have to learn how to give and take. You give up some power to take in the peace.