Edenwood Staff Meeting

December 9th 2015


Creating a safe and respectful environment for diverse and excellent teaching and learning.

2:30-2:45 Refreshments

Enjoy some snacks and mingling with your colleagues.

2:45-2:50 - Welcome

Thank You's and Tony's Message

2:50-3:05 Icebreaker

Two Common Truths and a Dream

(record responses on iPad at your table)

3:05-3:10 Report Cards & Other Timelines

Jan 15th - ALPs

Jan 15th - Long Range Plans

January - sign up for Fire Side Chats

ASAP - Emergency Lesson Plans

3:10-3:25 Stop, Start, Continue

Please record your ideas on the group sheet provided.

3:25-3:35 Overview of School Success Teams

Leadership Team

Teaching and Learning Team

Climate for Learning and Working Team

21st Century Learning Team

3:35-4:00 Other Business

Jill Wilson (new books)