Jordan Journal

February 1, 2016

Black History Month

Mrs. Armstrong, Mr. Keag, and Mrs. Moore have developed a variety of activities for our students. When students are in the media center, they can use their device to scan a QR Code and will be directed to new learning. We also have a daily question. In addition, students will have activities in eClass each week! Students who complete the activities will be entered for a drawing to win a book. The activities explore the different resources we have using the online research tools. Please encourage your students to participate!

Tuesday Night Game: Jordan vs. Richards

We will play Richards MS on Tuesday at CGHS. Games begin at 5:00 PM. This is our last game of the season! Come support the Black Knights!

Counselor Recognition Week

Please take a moment and thank our counselors for their support!

RBES Midyear Updates

Your midyear updates are due in the PD&E tool. Please make sure to submit with your digital signature. Also, if you have not updated your chart with your eClass Minutes or Common Assessment Data, please do so ASAP!

Formative Assessment Tools

We will have professional learning on Tuesday with Mrs. Gilbert and Mr. Keag. We will meet in the Leadership Lab during your planning:

Connections @ 9:20 AM

7th Grade @ 10:20 AM

6th Grade @ 12:20 PM

8th Grade @ 2:50 PM

Super Bowl Fundraiser: Panthers or Broncos

We are promoting our teams for the Super Bowl on Friday, February 5, 2016. Students and team members are encouraged to wear hats, jerseys, jeans, etc. to support their team. To participate in this, each individual is asked to donate $1 for a hat or jersey. Team members who want to wear jeans,hats, and/or jerseys are asked to donate $1.

Book & Video Club

Dr. Walker is hosting a book and video club for ten teachers who want to engage in peer coaching through the lens of the book: Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind: Practical Strategies for Raising Achievement. We will read the book, decide on a strategy to implement, use the SWIVL technology to video tape a lesson, and reflect/coach. If you are interested in engaging your students, then this is the professional study for you! Please email Dr. Walker your interest, thanks!

Leave Approvers

Please continue to select Dr. Walker on your leave request for approval. The assistant principals were added to this daily report to help with sub coverage. Dr. Walker will continue to approve all leave, thanks!

Computer Labs

Our technology and laptops are getting damaged and we are only five months into the school year. We have keys pulled off, headphones broken, letters torn off the keys, etc. Please monitor the students and assign laptops. If a laptop is damaged, then you are able to identify the student who was assigned the laptop. Please do not assign the computer lab when you have a substitute.


Homeroom attendance needs to be entered daily by 9:15 AM. Period attendance needs to be recorded within the first ten minutes of class. If you need assistance with using the "freeze screen" feature, so you can take attendance and have your warm up, please submit a ticket for tech assistance.

Students who check in late to school will receive a pass from the front office with a date/time stamp and signature. The front office will immediately update attendance. If you are unable to take attendance on a child due to "ABS" filled in for the day, please immediately notify your grade level clerk.

If a student is marked present, but missing from your class, please send a "JMS Locator" email. We will provide information on the student. Thanks!

Academic Recovery: EXTENDED TIME

Academic Recovery and Extended Learning Time begins Saturday. Lori Leigh Alderman is the director for the program. The program is in session for the next four Saturdays from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Instead of adding days, we extended the time for the first session. If you would like to work in the building on these days, please make sure you check in with Ms. Alderman.

Brief Observations and Formative Observations

The leadership team is completing Brief 3 observations and beginning on Brief 4 observations. Our goal is to have all observations completed prior to the end of February. We will conduct our annual evaluation summaries prior to Spring Break. Final RBES updates will be due during post planning in May 2016. If you have any questions about the timeline or process, please see a member of the leadership team.

Desires of the Heart: Due Friday

We are beginning to plan for the upcoming school year, and need to know your "desires of the heart"! Please return the form to Mrs. Nakesha Bruno Brown by 2/5/16. If you would like to make an appointment to share your desire, please see Mrs. Nakesha Bruno Brown. Thanks!

Cyber Days & Practice

Please make sure you have created your cyber day lesson(s) for third nine week's content. In the event of a fourth school closure due to inclement weather, we may have the option of making up the time through a cyber day learning experience. In preparation, we are going to release a short activity on our FIRST SNOW DAY. This is a system check on the readiness of our school, teachers, and students. On the first snow day, there is no expectation of monitoring a discussion help board or logging in at least three times. The only expectation is a posting of an assignment for students. Please see Mr. Keag or Dr. Walker if you have questions.

Gwinnett Online Campus 2016-17 Registration begins February 2016!

Yearbook on Sale $35

Yearbook sales have begun! Students can pick up forms in the media center.


Communique is the district's communication tool to highlight events in schools, the community, and share vital information. This week's communique highlights CGHS and Magic Wheelchair on the In Five segment.

Upcoming Dates

2/1/16: Black History Month begins (activities in eClass)

2/2/16: Advisement Team Planning, Collaboration Tuesdays, Basketball Game vs. Richards @ CGHS begins at 5:00 PM (need volunteers)

2/3/16: Social Studies Collaboration

2/4/16: 8th Grade tours CGHS, Fine Arts and Literacy Night @ 6:00 PM

2/5/16: Tech Round Table with Mr. Keag @ 8:15 AM

2/6/16: Super Saturday Basketball Tournament

Let's Celebrate.....

Justin Ballenger & Stephen Diaz, 2/1

April Winters, 2/2

Nancy Condon, 2/16

Michelle Carroll, 2/24

Kimberly Adams, 2/26

Stacey Edison-Bryson, 2/28

Team Recognition Program

Begin thinking about who you would like to recognize in December!

Each month, we will recognize team members who exhibit the pillars of Jordan MS: Community, Leadership, and Excellence! Teams can submit up to three names each month. Please include a brief narrative describing how the team member exemplified community, leadership, or excellence. We will celebrate during our vertical team meetings on Fridays!

Team Recognition Submission

Fine Arts and Literacy Night

We are hosting our second parent night on Thursday, February 4, 2016 beginning at 6:00 PM. If you were not able to support the math and science night, we ask that you support this event. Ms. Parker, Mrs. Armstrong, Ms. Morris, and Mr. Kasler are coordinating the evening's events.