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November 17, 2014

Upcoming Events

November 18- Thanksgiving Dinner

November 21- Turn in Progress Reports

November 24-28 - NO SCHOOL


This Week


Math Coaching Community Meeting - visitors in the building


Thanksgiving Dinner


Instructional Partners Meeting- visitors in the building



Progress Reports due to the office

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Box Top Winners

Ms. Nonne and Mrs. Wood are our Golden Egg Winners this week! We had a TON of BoxTops turned in this week! Great job, everyone!



Many of you are using your ipad or phones to keep up with your behavior app while out and about. I think that is awesome, and I am not discouraging that practice. HOWEVER, I notice as I watch the cameras that some are on phones texting and surfing the internet in the hallways and computer labs. This needs to stop. It is expected that you are actively teaching, facilitating, or monitoring students at all times. If you are sitting down scanning through your phone while your students are on computers you are not monitoring your class. Given our recent meeting on inappropriate internet searches, I would think that there would be more of a focus on monitoring computer usage. I will begin to document cell phone misuse in memos if this continues.

From the Other Mrs. Mitchell

AR is looking great for this week. Keep up the good work. Remember, only 10% of your students can have a red arrow by their names on the Diagnostic Report for the week. This is 1 student if you have fewer than 20 students on your roll, and 2 students if you have 20 or more.

All student library books should be turned in Thursday at noon for the long Thanksgiving break.

Library will be closed on Friday. I will be attending a workshop.

The library will be sponsoring a Christmas Gift Shop this year. Students will be able to purchase gifts for their entire family. Each item will cost $1.00. I will let you know when and where the event will take place.

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Document Links

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Weekly Professional Development

Over the last month I have included excerpts and pictures from Eric Jenson's books about poverty in the newsletter.

Teaching with Poverty in Mind: What Being Poor Does to Kids' Brains and What Schools Can Do about It

Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind: Practical Strategies for Raising Achievement

It has been over a decade since Hall teachers have been trained on teaching students of poverty. I feel that it is time to revisit this learning. I have ordered materials and we will begin studying Jenson's work when we return from the Holidays. We must understand the kids that we teach. It has always been a rule that we do not blame students at Hall. It is our job to find a way to reach every child in the building. I have made it a priority to build personal relationships with students and parents. I expect that everyone in the building is doing the same. Please study Jenson's Emotional Keyboard and read the blog post that goes along with it. Reflect on the hardwired emotions that our students come to us with compared to the emotions that must be modeled and taught. It was an AHA moment for me to see this. How many times do we say, "What is wrong with our kids?" and then wonder why they are angry, uncooperative, lack compassion for others.... perhaps this is a missing piece in our classrooms. We hold students accountable for emotions that they can't give if they are not exposed to. And yes, these should be modeled and taught at home. But what if they are not? If not us, who will? What can you do as a teacher? What can we do as a school family?

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submit reflections by Sunday, November 23.

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Have a great week!