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About Maddie's pet shop

At Maddie's pet shop we sell pets and even help heal sick pets to. We provide shots for your pets and have an area where you can hold the pet that you are interested in purchasing. What makes our pet shop better than any other pet shop is that we promise we will take care of our pets until they get sold.

How to adopt a pet!

1. Come down to Maddie's pet shop

2. Pick out your pet

3. Ask one of the staff if you can hold/pet the animal

4. One of the staff will take you to the pet holding area

5. Decide if you want that particular pet or if you want a different one

6. Tell the staff that you are happy with the pet or if you want to look for a different one

7. The staff will hand you the papers and sign that you are happy and are willing to take care of you pet

8. The staff will put you pet into a pet carrier that you can borrow or you can bring your own

9. Your done! (:

More information

For more information call the number 756-843