Bullying hurts ....

by Madi

Tears stream down her face, she walks into school Every Day with kids Laughing and making fun of her. The bully, walks up to her, BANG! goes the sound of her being Hit, , punched, And kicked into the lockers. 160,000 kids get bullied each day, every minute , and every second . .

Teen activists stop hate .

A big trouble is Bullying, because kids dread it so much they take their own lives . Luckily we have anti - bullying Activists to stop hate . Also one way to stop hate is have parents talk to their child about bullying. Another way to stop hate is , Don't erase the text message if you get a threatening one or hurtful one, it can be used as proof to show that they were bullying him or her or even you! however 2 out of 3 teens are verbally or physically bullied each day .

How bullying feels ...

Bullying, yes it hurts, says kids all over the world, 42% of kids have been bullied online, 58% of kids have not told their parents about cyber bullying. Whether its Verbally, Cyber, Physically, or Emotionally. “ Its not okay” says teachers . Kids dread going to school or on the bus, Therefor Kids take their own lives & Boom! they died becase of the bully , so the bully killed them .

project, projects, & more !

Lee hirsch , Anti- bullying activist , recently made a movie & a project that he can present to pre-teens / teens , that film is called “bully.’ and The Bully Project . the bully project is a Social action campaign aimed at ending bullying all across america . Lee hirsch , also created a set of toos that go with the movie, Lessons that are created for the student that see’s the film!

How did you feel when someone was mean to you? things will get better … with activists & project .

kids dread it so much they take their lives . that kid you called stupid, shes already being bullied , so dont bully …. you never know what could happen.

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