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The Months in Japanese

January - Ichi gatsu

February - ni gatusu

March - san gatsu

April - Shi gatsu

May - Go gats

June - Roku Gatsu

July - shichi gatsu

August - hachi gatsu

September Ku gatsu

October - Jyuu Gatsu

November - Jyuu-ichi gatsu

December Jyuu-ni gatsu

To say your birthday

To say your birth day in Japanese you have to say "Tanjoobi wa [month] desu"

For example of your Birthday is in March (As it is mine) you say "Tanjoobi wa sangatsu desu" Look at the list of months above this text column to find your birthday in Japanese.


November 3rd: Culture day.

Culture day celebrates the establishment of the Japanese government and constitution on that day in 1946. The celebration of peace and freedom, Done so trough cultural activities. The Constitution did not actually come into force until May 3, 1947, though, and so there's a separate national holiday, Constitution memorial day, to mark that event. Hilariously enough this day in Japan has always been blessed with nice weather, Be it rainy the day before or after it's always sunny. For 32 years between 1965 and 1996, there have been only three rainy days on November 3 in Tokyo, according to Japan's Meteorological Agency.