A Better Gate

by Zola Mininger-Clark

This gate is will be good for you!!

This is a gate that will change the world. This gate is really easy to store and very light, so you can bring to multiple places in the house. Here are a few things about this new and improved gate.

A Better Gate

Why this gate is better!!

This gate is the best gate because it is easy to store. Also, it is easy to put up. Typical gates are more complicated to attach to the door frame and can pinch your fingers. This gate uses strong magnets to attach to the door frame. This gate is also taller than most gates, so dogs can't jump over it, but it can be easily pulled back by humans, so kids can get through the door and replace the gate. Some additional good news is that this gate doesn't just have to be for dogs! It also it could be used for babies too.

This gate will solve all your puppy problems!