April Local Conference Output

Keep Sight, Win the Fight. #LimitlessMumbai

April Local Congress 2015 was held at Golden Pond Resort Silvassa on 17-19 April.

The Chair of the conference was Kavya Uchil, current Director oGCDP of AIESEC India, and MC VP OD select of AIESEC USA. Kavya was on the Executive Board 11-13 of AIESEC in Mumbai.

Day 1

The conference began with jives and ice-breakers, followed by a session on the Leadership Development Model of AIESEC. This model is a representation of the values that we develop through the various roles we experience in our AIESEC journey.

Find the output of Day 1 here: Day 1 Output

Following this was department time, and the Opening Plenary. Sessions were later taken on the Clarity of AIESEC as a brand amongst us as well as externals, and the internal Brand Shift from GCDP and GIP to Global Citizen and Global Talent, respectively.
The day came to an end with the Evening Plenary, followed by Skolling.


The Management Body (Iris) beat the Orion in the finals of Skolling. The last time this happened was at ALCong 2013. A year when AIESEC in Mumbai went to June National Conference having achieved their target.

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Day 2

Day two began with the Morning Plenary, followed by SOLA and SONA. The State of Local Affairs was a session on the current reality of AIESEC Mumbai in terms of targets vs achieved, projects undertaken and overall experiences delivered. State of National Affairs was a reality check as to where AIESEC in Mumbai stands on a national level, in every department and the LC as a whole.

Find the output of Day 2 here: Day 2 Output

Department commissions followed, after which was a session that taught the members of Front Office and Back Office to synergize and work together towards developing and selling a product.


There were two parallel sessions that took place. One was on how to manage time effectively, based on our current needs and reality.

The other was an activity that was based on designing a visual solution to any task or issue provided, so as to make it more palatable and easy to understand for the viewers. It was called How to Make Toast.

Building External Credibiity (Keynote)

Building External Credibility was a session on how to make AIESEC as a brand more externally relevant and improve our credibility as an organization, the factors that hinder us from doing so, and an overview of how the world perceives our brand.

Customer is King! (Keynote)

Customer Is King! spoke about various companies that have made it to the top through brilliant customer service, and helped the members understand how essential it is to make AIESEC's products more customer-centric and customer-friendly.

LEAD: The Experience We Live In

The Experience We Live In, was an activity in which the members reflected upon their journey from the start of quarter 1, and how they've felt in terms of their leadership position, their role in the LC and their responsibilities, that turned out to be an intensely thought-provoking session.
An MB/GB LEAD session helped the members fathom their individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as truly understand their capabilities. Following this was the Evening Plenary.
The final session of the day was Stories of Glory, where The Orion shared their experiences and individual AIESEC journeys, for the members to connect to and understand the true impact of our organization.

Beauty and the Geek

The Revolutionists had the perfect finish to Day 2 planned, with one of the best OC Theme Nights we have ever seen. Check out some moments from that night here:

Day 3

Morning Plenary began with some mildly amusing punishments for late comers, followed by a day of activities that implemented the output of the prior day's sessions.

Find the output of Day 3 here: Day 3 Output

Product Development

First up was a session on Product Development. The flow of a product right from it's conception as an idea, to planning, creation, launch and returns.

Customer Flow

Next up was a session on the new Customer Flow that has replaced the previous concept of 'Raise, Match, Realise'. The new system consisted of open, in progress, matched, realised, complete and re-integrate.

Big Summer Simulation

Experience Delivery Fair brought about an intense 2 hour simulation of what the big summer was going to look like, with members running around creating opportunities, matching, finding accommodation and more.
This was followed by Matching and Delivery, that brought the lc together with the promise of a better experience delivery right from the match to their re-integration.


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The last session was a LEAD, where AIESEC in Mumbai came together as one Local Committee, one Entity with a promise to deliver their best. #OneAIESECMumbai

Standing there, at the center of #OneAIESECMumbai was personally one of the most powerful moments of the conference for me.

Closing Plenary

This is where everything came together. At the commission block before Closing Plenary, each and every department came up with their individual target, adding up the targets set by each and every team, and each and every member.

At Closing plenary, we added all of these numbers up and arrived at the LC's JNC target.

What you see below is the promise that we made to the LC. #515

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We owe it to The Revolutionists, The Orion and Kavya Uchil (Chair) for making this conference the best ALCong that AIESEC in Mumbai has seen in the many years of it's existence.
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ALCong 2015 After Movie

ALCong 2015 Aftermovie, AIESEC in Mumbai