Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

All systems are go!

Another week of out of this world this week!

What a week! Grade 6 Tha have been busy preparing for their Assembly and 6NCo have literally been chasing the sun! Through our Language Arts, we started our non chronological reports about the Moon. In our Maths, we played games to aid our understanding of Ratio. Our Virtue of the week - Creativity, has flowed through both classrooms all week! Could this new unit be anymore exciting?

Next Weeks Virtue


“Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.”

Benjamin Franklin

Language Arts

This week, we started our Moon writing. After gathering a variety of notes for each section of our report (e.g. Creation of the Moon and Explorers), the time had come to use all our word and sentence level skills to inform and intrigue our readers. We were concentrating on writing as readers (i.e. showing that we have an understanding of audience). We know the importance of wanting our readers to gain important knowledge, however we needed to enrich our sentences with wondrous adjective and verb choices. Furthermore, our openers had to be perfect hooks into our writing. Our class challenge to be the most creative with tempting opening lines fueled students in each writing lessons. By the end of the week, we conjured mind-blowing facts with creative flair. Next, we will add diagrams and photos with captions to help our visual learners understand our information.

Next week, we begin an epic journey to stars and planets far from earth...


The Grade 6 children continue to work diligently on the topic, Ratio. They are working on recognising and solving the three different types of Ratio word problems.

1) Direct proportion questions

2) Comparison between 2 sets of Ratio

3) ‘Before and After’ Ratio questions

Besides these, we integrated IPC into our Ratio topic. The children chose some of the planets in our solar system and converted the actual distance using Ratio, which allowed them to draw it on a piece of A4/A3 paper. We are very confident the children will continue to make use of their knowledge of Ratio in more real-life situations. The assessment was a huge challenge, but every child demonstrated immense enthusiasm and perseverance to reach their goal.

Space Explorers

6Tha have been busy preparing for their Space Assembly - a knowledge feast about everything you need to know in our the Solar System...with some special guests! The class have shown massive commitment and enthusiasm all week, as they prepared to entertain the whole school with their creativity!

Also this week, the children have begun to learn about the moon phases, how day and night occur and why we have seasons! To help our understanding of the sun, we created sundials to track the sun's position during the day. It was great fun and our investigation (even though the sun decided not to shine all the time) helped our understanding of this phenomenal event. Also, we met once again with our Ancient Babylonians and Greek friends who were the first to use such instruments to track the sun. In addition, we created diagrams and 3-D models representing the movement of the earth, moon and sun over the course of a year. NASA even set us an intriguing problem solving activity to help them out, after their results got muddled up! It was tough but we cracked the numbers in the end!

Next week, we investigate rocks, create real life craters and conduct some light experiments!

Dates for your Diary

Space Explorers Exit Point - Thursday, December 11th, 8.30 am

School Concert - Thursday, November 27th, 7pm ES Hall

UES Sport's Day - Tuesday, November 25th, 8.15 am

Expedition 2015 - February 9 - 13 th

Home Learning

Monday and Wednesday

Maths -

Solving the 3 types of Ratio questions

1) Direct proportion questions

2) Comparison between 2 sets of Ratio

3) ‘Before and After’ Ratio questions




Writer's Notebook


IPC Home Learning is expected back in school on Friday, November 28th. The extra week is to allow the children to focus on greater creativity with their project.