Mariner Minutes

October 8th, 2020

STEM In Practice

Love being able to highlight some of the fun and awesome things happening at St. Mary School! Our fourth grade class was working on developing robots and testing them with obstacles. Great seeing the hands-on aspects of the design cycle and STEM.

Picture Day

Tuesday the 13th is picture day for all grades, preschool through 6th. Students may dress down or dress up for their pictures.


I am a firm believer in physical activity, including recess, as a very important ingredient to a student's success in school. We will make every attempt possible to have outdoor recess so long as it is safe for students to be outside. So far we have been very blessed with amazing weather, but it is fall here in NEO and weather can be unpredictable. Please begin sending your children to school with weather appropriate clothing in the event there is outdoor recess.

Here are some guidelines we will follow:

- Outdoor recess if Real Feel temperatures are 25 degrees or above.

- Inclement weather (rain, snow) we will not go outside

As we approach winter weather, we will have further guidelines and rules regarding outdoor recess.

Fall Festival

Fall Festival is scheduled for Friday October 23rd. Please stay tuned for more detail!

Change of Routine

As a reminder, if you are sending a note/call regarding a change of routine (transportation, early dismissal) please provide details if it is a transportation change and/or involving students dismissing with another family. Thank you!

Symptoms and Quarantine Information

Attached is a document which gives instructions and guidelines in relation to quarantining. This is a reference guide for future reference.

Also attached here is a daily symptoms checklist provided by the Erie County Health Department. This document also provides the most up-to-date guidelines regarding symptoms and how to proceed with presence of listed symptoms. Please carefully look it over and please use this as a reference each morning.

Final Forms - Media Release

In Final Forms, a media release form was uploaded. Please complete this form whether releasing or opting out. I would love to begin showcasing our school and students to show the great things happening at school by posting pictures on the newsletter, website, and social media! Our students are doing great things and I want to be able to share that with everyone.

Thank you!

MAP Testing

MAP Test student profiles will be printed and sent home the week of the 19th after the Diocese closes the testing window. I encourage all parents to look at the reports and reach out to homeroom teachers and/or Mr. Mitchell to review scores.

School Lunch Update

Attached below is the flyer that went home regarding school lunch now being free for all students. This is a venture by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide free and nutritious lunches for school children. Lunch will be free under this program until December 31st, 2020. Please check out the flyer for more information.

Also attached is the Free and Reduced Lunch form. We ask that this form is still completed if necessary and returned back to the school. Even with the free lunch program in place until the end of the 2020 calendar year, this information is needed as we enter 2021.

Thank you!

St. Mary School 2020-2021 Reopening Plan

Temperature and Symptoms Checks Reminder

Stated in the reopening plan were the policies regarding temperature and symptoms checks for students prior to coming to school. We are working to implement a system for parents to track those checks in order to provide the school with timely information in the event symptoms are present. Ultimately I implore you as parents to perform that temperature and symptoms checks EVERY morning in order to ensure our students, staff, and families remain safe. If the temperature is 100.0F or higher and/or Covid-19 symptoms are present (symptoms list in the plan) the student, as well as siblings, needs to remain home. Please ensure consistency with following this policy!

Masks and Hygiene

The Ohio Department of Health issued a mask mandate for all students K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year. St. Mary School will require masks in accordance with the state mandate as well as for the preschool (please reference preschool update in this newsletter for further guidance). Parents, please begin to work with your children on wearing masks properly and becoming comfortable wearing them.

Update: students may wear the gaiter scarf type face coverings, although the cloth masks are recommended.

Also, please practice proper hygiene as well. Please visit for guidelines.

If there are any questions regarding face coverings, please contact Mr. Mitchell at

How to Wear a Mask
What You Need To Know About Handwashing

Upcoming Events

October 9th - No School

October 13th - All School Pictures *includes Preschool 3's and 4's

October 14th - PSO meeting 6:30 School Library

October 16th - Mission Jeans Day

October 23rd - Fall Festival!

October 30th - End of Quarter 1

November 11th - PSO meeting 6:30 School Library

November 24th - 6th Grade Wreath Fundraiser pickup