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William Penn

William Penn's Childhood

William Penn was the first of three children. At the age of 13 when his father was away, he was deeply moved by the Quaker religion. When Penn got arrested for his religious beliefs, his father would whip him and beat him for being a Quaker.

William Penn's Education

William Penn his whole life only attended 3 schools. His first school he went to was a school in London, named Chigwell School. The Second school he went to was a religious school, named Christ Church, Oxford. The final school he went to was a college, named University of Oxford.
William Penn Religious Revolutionary, segment from "The American Birthright Part I" Documentary

William Penn's Life Events

He founded Pennsylvania in 1682 because the king gave the land to him. He became leader of the religious Quaker community. He was arrested a lot in England for his religious beliefs. Established the first free public school in the U.S.A.

William Penn's Accomplishments

He became leader of the Quaker community. He founded Pennsylvania in 1682 later joining into the 13 colonies. Found new land for Quakers to live and prosper.
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William Penn's Contributions

He had the earliest ideas of joining the England colonies into the 13 colonies. He convinced the king to give him land for the Quakers to live. He had the Ideas of religous freedom to everybody.

Interesting Facts

When he was younger he had a job as a real estate entreprenner, and a philosopher. He became a Quaker at the age of 22. When he got Pennsylvania he had buisness issues his whole life. His Father kicked him out for being a Quaker. When his father kicked him out he had to go and live with a Quaker family.