Neutron Star

By: Anna K

Neutron Star

DEFENITION OF NEUTRON STAR: Neutron stars are thought to form by the gravitational collapse of the remnant of a massive star after a supernova explosion, provided that the star is insufficiently massive to produce a black hole.

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Neutron Star...

A Neutron Star is formed when a big stars gravitational pull collapses at the end of the stars life. Then the protons form together to make a Neutron Star. In the Neutron Stars they can see strong gravity happening between the protons, which then means having a longer lasting star forming, to make a Neutron Star. It also shows powerful magnetic forces to keep them together for a longer time spend. They also saw electronic fields happening and last they saw very High velocity.
NASA | Neutron Stars Rip Each Other Apart to Form Black Hole
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