6th Grade Band

Christmas Concert

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

The 6th grade band opened with a wonderful song called Jolly Old St. Nicholas made many years ago. They were taught this song by one of two band directors Mr. York which you can also see to your right.

Good King Wenceslas

Next they surprised us with a song also made long ago Good King Wenceslas

The 6th Grade Mashup

The 6th grader took 5 songs and mashed them up. These songs are Hot Cross Buns, Down by the Station, Merrily We roll along, Lightly Row, and Farm Out.

Jingle Bells

The group ends with and amazing performance of Jingle Bells the crowd loved it as they cheered them on as they left the stage.

Go For Excllence

Go For Excllence is the book that they used it is on sale for 6.95 for a new one and 5.74 for a used one below you can see what the book looks like.
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