New Library Resources

For Staff and Students at The Woodlands


February is an exciting month. Some of you might be looking for new resources or considering new student projects. Your library team is here to help.The following resources are now available in the library. Feel free to sign them out or refer them to students.

All Kids Should Know: 21st Century Skills

Phys Ed

This revised edition comes with a completely Canadian perspective. It features notable chapters on physical literacy, technology in health education and Indigenous knowledge in health education. Each chapter provides multiple case studies and excellent reflection question for review.

Social Science

This resource is great for students and staff who would like to take a closer look at social media and its impact on today's youth.

Business & Math

This guide to financial literacy is very simplistic. Each chapter does an excellent job highlighting key terms that students should know as well as ways that you can include technology in your classroom.


We've recently added four new titles to our existing collection to help students with their independent study units. Each title in this series published by Gage focuses on a specific genocide by examining its history, personal accounts and resulting controversies. Our current titles include, Burma, Darfur, Rwanda and the Armenian genocide. There are another 12 titles in the series so be on the lookout for more as we get them in.