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Can you walk in these shoes?

One of the greatest cultural challenges in 2016 was one that has been a core issue in the Unites States since the first slaves arrived in 1619 – the issue of race and the value of a human life. While it would be great to think we have addressed and overcome the issues of race in our country, we clearly have not. But, there is good work, good leadership and good reason for hope when leaders like Ben McBride are speaking into the realities of our current culture and helping all of us understand that there are simple steps we can all take to advance good on this issue. As we approach the MLK holiday weekend and Black History Month in February, we kick off 2017 on this key topic. As a leader, you are encouraged to stay curious, think well and advance good.

Ben McBride @ Q Commons Sacramento Oct 2016-HD

Who is Ben McBride?

Ben is a native of San Francisco and a longtime activist for peace and justice in the Bay Area. As an advocate for youth, he served as a member of the crisis counseling team for West Contra Costa Unified School District; and with Global Education Partnership empowering risk youth through entrepreneurship. He now serves as Deputy Director of PICO California and is the founder of Empower Initiative.

Q Commons Sacramento Interview with Ben McBride

Activation Q&A on Race with Ben McBride & Jeff Kreiser-HD

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