Where The Wild Things Are

By: Maurice Sendak

Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are is a book about a boy who gets sent to his room and he imagines that his room starts turning into a jungle until it is jungle all around. Then he rides a boat to a island and finds monsters he becomes friends and stays a while and plays with them he is the king and has a sort of like tipi that he stays in there he soon has to leave and the monsters don't want him to leave but when he gets back there is diner on his table in his room and it's still warm.

By: Claire Burton

5 interesting facts

My first fact about Maurice Sendak was he was a regular guest on a show called "The Colbert Show". He was a brilliant artist. He owned a toy store. He was a collector of many items. Mostly a collector of Mickey Mouse merchandise he owned the second largest collection.

Why this book won the Caldecott Award

This book won the Caldecott Award because the book is described by the pictures. Maurice Sendak is American. His book was published by an American. And has lots of pictures.

Comparison with "Why mosquitoes buzz in peoples ears"

1. The person and the sun have the same noes

2. Color choices are very different

3. There are all animals and one person

Where the Wild Things Are