Blackboard Update

November 2015

Blazing a Trail Across the Digital Frontier

Instructional Technology has been in conversation with your Bb Teams over the last few months regarding the importance of your recommendations for Cohort 2 teachers and how these individuals will continue to demonstrate excellence in providing digital resources for students. You can think of the cohorts in terms of the analogy below:

  • Cohort 1: Your School BB Team- The Trailblazers. Those that were willing to commit the time to building their classes and support of subsequent Cohorts.

  • Cohort 2: The early adopters, or Pioneers. The teachers who volunteer for Cohort 2 and are ready to begin building out classes.

  • Cohort 3: The Settlers, those that are hesitant/resistant and will need additional support. A strong group of Trailblazers and Pioneers allows for more on-site support.

Meet just a few of our Blackboard Team Trailblazers...

Selecting your Cohort 2 Teachers: The Pioneers are Coming!

The brief application form (link below) is important in helping teachers understand what the training entails and ways they might begin utilizing the LMS with students. Please send the form link to each of the teachers you recommend participate in Cohort 2 (which begins in January), and ask that they complete it by Friday, December 4th.

Blackboard Cohort 2 Teacher Application Form

Under Development: 2 SAMR Training Classes

  • Through the ongoing feedback from your Blackboard Teams, we have been working on building out two separate SAMR training classes for your teachers.

    • There will be a class tailored specifically to elementary teachers and one for secondary teachers.
    • The course will be self-paced.
    • Once a teacher completes the training class, he/she will need to request from the assigned district ITS, to have the Infinite Campus integration ‘turned on’, allowing for his/her classes to import into Blackboard.
  • Using the content built within the training class, teachers can copy it over into the newly imported class shells and begin preparing them for students.

  • Students: Welcoming the Digital Natives

    Big image

    McIntosh Students: First to test Blackboard and Infinite Campus Integration

    • The SAMR Training Class will contain directions teachers can use when helping students login and utilize Blackboard.

    • Allowing students to access the finished classes will be a building-level decision. The nightly integration from Infinite Campus will ensure all enrolled students have access to the classes in Blackboard which teachers have prepared for them.

    • Please note: The accountability for completing the work within Blackboard ultimately resides with the school administration. Instructional Technology will help support teachers in any way, but we ask that you please develop a procedure for keeping teachers on track.