Connor V

I have learned that in some ways family comes first. I have changed by not just thinking about my dreams but also my friends and family's dreams. I was taught by my parents to be respectful around the people i know.

My theme is that family is important.

Because they always stood by of what i think and what i want to do with my life.


The climax was when my brother went to college. This contributes to my theme when brother went to college it felt like a part of my family was missing even though we still see him. That means with him going away to college, the family changes a little. My family is still very important.

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My piece of writing is poem so here is the link to the poem

influence of my theme

My family is very important to me. Mitch is my brother and he is older than me. I have always look up to him. He always told to make sure I am making the right choice of what I am doing with my life.

I am glad to have my parents as my parents.Is my parents they always told me to try new things and stood by of what i what to do with my life.My story might have been different with my family if they didn't stand by me and encourage me to do what i want with my life. My life might been different also if i didn't have sports in my life.



From 2000-to present.

In my home Norwalk and Des Moines.

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