Team Steamrollers Newsletter

February 2013

Fellow Steamroller,

I am amazed at how well our team has done. Team Steamrollers finished off the month with just over $710,000 for the month of February. As of the last 2 months we've fallen off the top 10 producing teams but lets see if we can get back on track this month. Lets aim to be a MILLION DOLLAR team this month.

Congrats to Heather Hengsteler for winning the " I did it" challenge in February. It was such a great hit and we had a ton of designers who reached the $99 goal. With that being said, for anyone on the team who reaches $99 in pv for the month of March, you will be entered into a drawing to receive $70 in Vista Print product. All you have to do is personally email me ( once you've hit the $99 requirement and say " I did it" along with your name and designer number. Those who don't email me won't be entered into the drawing.


Party booking tips

Generally future bookings come from current bookings/parties. You will find that each party is the best place to get bookings.

That is why it is so key to have fun, informative and exciting presentations. Keep the guests attention, show your products off with enthusiasm to generate sales, and make sure everyone has fun so that the guests want to book their own parties.

One major key to getting bookings from parties is to let every guest know what your hostess’ receive for having a party. If your hostess receives a special booking gift, present it to her at the beginning of the party. If she earns a percentage of sales, make sure you announce the total value of her gifts once or twice while you’re gathering sales and present the total at the end of the party.

During your presentation you can use your party average to demonstrate how many gifts a hostess is likely to receive. If your average party is $400 and your hostess receive 10% in gifts, take $40 of product from your display or have it already set up separately from the display. During your presentation, place those items in one of your guests’ laps, and explain, “This is what my hostesses receive on average. Would you like to receive this much in FREE gifts?” Of course they do! And you tell them that by hosting a party she can have that much or more.

Here are some more tips on booking sales parties:

Always grow your contact list. Instead of just handing out a business card, ask for the person’s name and phone number and set a day and time to call her. Try to make at 3- 5 calls per day for bookings and recruits. Do this faithfully and assure yourself a full date book.

Have an open house in your home and invite your neighbors. Make it a ‘get acquainted’ party and share with them what you do and about who you and your family are. Have a Mystery Hostess drawing; this is where you award the hostess credits to one of the guests.

Attend trade shows, fairs, expos, events. Check on local activities and reserve well in advance. Consult your company on policies and set ups. Be sure to have a drawing for a small prize, this assures you many names and phone numbers to call as booking and recruit leads.

Advertise as your company allows in local newspapers, penny-savers, on restaurant placemats, etc.

Give out your catalog or brochures at dentist, doctors, the bank or anywhere you do business. Use last season’s catalogs with a sticker containing your name, email address, and/or phone number and a note saying something like, “contact me for a newer catalog, price list, and specials.”

At a party, offer the hostess an additional gift when she re-books herself with-in 3 months. You may want to offer her an extra incentive for holding 3 shows within a year.

Offer party guests a gift for giving you referrals of people they know who would possibly book a party with you. They receive the prize when you have booked and held 3 shows from the referrals they gave.

Top Sales

Top 5 Team Sales:

1. Michelle Levitt - $400,529.74

2. Laura Ausbrooks - $115,101.92

3. Janet Padilla - $68,938.64

4. Marlee Fritzsch - $47,604.18

5. Cheryl Leising - $40,668.72

Top 10 Personal Sales:

1. The Coelho Sisters - $6814.48

2. Kathi Philpot - $5786.51

3. Misty Sweet - $4755.59

4. Karla Goyenaga - $4505.66

5. Kristy Blankenship - $4501.20

6. Deb & Tatiana Saucedo - $4399.46

7. Tamara Underwood - $4338.94

8. Cheryl Fain - $4185.42

9. Lyndsy Tridle - $4029.50

10. Erica Jimenez - $4011.40


Congrats to everyone and their recent promotions. Your hard work and dedication is paying off ;)

Executive Team Leaders:

Marlee Fritzsch

Lori Walenga

Theresa Woolworth

Lorri Gail Moffatt

Senior Team Leaders:

Alaina Cash

Amy Causey

Angela Michalovich

Anna Ware

Brandy Edwards

Elizabeth Winters

Erin Brackett

Joy Barr

Kim Reeves

Kristie Mansfield

Kristy Youngblood

Lorri Kelbel

Mary Whittle

Melissa Fitzloff

Mindi Moon

Sharon Crain

Whitney Robinson

Congrats to all new Team Leaders and Leading Designers as well. You all rock!

2013 Convention

Although the $175 Early Bird Registration rate is no longer available, you don't want to miss out on O2’s biggest event ever! Our first National Convention, The O2 Experience, is landing in Downtown Phoenix, AZ on July 11-13, bringing THOUSANDS of Designers from across the country to the hometown of The Nest.

This special event is going to be an experience like none other as we gather together to make connections, grow your business and gain valuable insights that will help you discover the balance we all seek in our lives. The weekend will include training, BIG announcements, inspiration, exclusive time with your teams and so much more! Whether you are a Team Leader or a brand-new Designer, this event will change how you approach your Origami Owl business.

For complete event details and discounted hotel information, visit our event registration site. The current registration fee is $250.

I hope to see each and every one of you there.

April Team Meeting

I am in the process of putting together our April team meeting here in Sunny SoCal. It will be held in the Brea area this month. Have a certain topic you'd like to have me go over at the meeting? Please email me @ and I'll do my best to cover everything I can.