Daily Science News

By: Mia Navarro and Rikki Regalado


Did you know that convection works on an everyday life basis? You just can't see it. It evolves in the air you breathe. Convection also works on a hot air balloon. Convection is very important and difficult to see. When you boil a pot of water you can see convection. Convection is when heat transfers to the top, that's why in a hot air balloon it floats with hot air. On the bottom there is cold air.


Density is when fluids gain energy and moves more quickly. When you inflate heat in the balloon its expands. When it expands, its becomes cleanse. Convection is very important to earth's system. It helps make thunder, it also helps make clouds. Because it helps make clouds, its lets the earth have water to survive. In conclusion, Convection helps us survive on earth and its helps us breathe the air we do